24 Hours (Give Or Take A Few Hours) And I’ll Be In America!

In 8 hours (roughly) I will be leaving for the airport.

In 9 hours (roughly) I will be checking in.

In 10 hours (roughly again; hey, I can’t predict the future) I’ll be leaving my folks (bye losers! Hahahah! Nah, I’m kidding, I’ll miss them) and heading into the departure lounge.

In 11 hours (not roughly as this I know for certain) I’ll be on the plane to Amsterdam.

In 12 hours I’ll be somewhere over the North Sea.

In 13 hours I’ll…what, you’re bored with this now? All right, one more and I’ll stop.

…And in 25 hours (yeah yeah, that’s not 24 but 25 doesn’t sound as good) I’ll be landing in Minneapolis! Where, unless her car has broken down because of the snow (or just because it’s awful; either way, the car will probably cause her some problems), Vanna will be waiting for me.

I’m so excited! My suitcase and backpack are done (just got to add my laptop!), and I think that I can offset Vanna’s disappointment at the fact I haven’t brought any nice clothes (for that wedding I’m supposed to be going to) with the three little teddy bears I’m got for her. Yeah…that should…might…possibly work out in my favour. But yeah, I’m excited!

Of course, my excitement is offset by stories like this about an aeroplane landing sideways at Leeds airport (only a few hours away from me!), which, is you know, something you really, really, really want to hear about less than 48 hours from your own bloody plane journey(s).

Thankfully it’s been pretty nice today and not at all windy, so I should be okay. I’ve yet to have any delays or accidents (in fact, both my trips across to the US have been early) so hopefully my good run will continue. Lucky for you guys, I’m bringing my laptop with me so I’ll be able to keep a log of my journey and tell you all about it on Sunday (you can be reassured that I haven’t died in a fiery explosion while I can be lazy and have all of Sunday free to, well, do nothing: everybody wins!). Also, I can tell all the people around me (ie, the ones who can’t get away and therefore have to listen to me) that I’m a writer, grab my laptop, open up Word (well, my trail version anyway; I’m too cheap to buy it and I’ve not found anyone to take pity on me…any takers?) and, for once, actually look the part. True, I’m stuck and won’t be writing anything, but they don’t know that! They’ll just see a huge word document and think I’m amazing. Maybe they’ll buy me Microsoft Office! Hey, it’s worth a try.

Right, I think I’m going to pack my laptop now. The next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be in Minnesota (either that or my lifeboat has WiFi). Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take any pictures while I’m in the airport (not so much a security issue but a battery issue; I checked the website and it turns out you need to put them in individual plastic bags…screw that) but as compensation, ‘ll try to take a load of blurry ones through the car window on the journey home! Yay! That’s just as good…

Anyway, I’m off. Wish me luck!

Cheers (I’m going to assume you are all applauding and whistling and chanting my name at home),



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