Back Where I Belong

Just thought I’d let you all know that I’m alive and well in Minnesota. I’m happy to say that there were no mid-air plane collisions or sudden explosions, which was good because, well, dying in a fiery blast can really ruin your day.

No, my plane arrived on time and for the most part everything went all right. I could complain about how I broke my headphones on the flight, or how the customs guy kept me waiting for ages while he searched through my possessions (it was the worst customs experience so far; at one point I genuinely thought I was going to get turned back) but I won’t because I’m with Vanna now and none of that really matters. I’m happy, and all is good.

At this point I was going to upload some pictures from the journey north to the cabin (which is even better in person;  but the firewall on the internet here is so ridiculously strict I can’t get onto Photobucket. Not impressed. Bah.

Anyway, the snow isn’t too bad here. The roads are clear and it wasn’t that cold (I’m told it was freezing but eh, I didn’t feel it), so my fears of experiencing a Minnesota winter in April were unfounded. I was even wearing sunglasses!

The one thing that did amaze me, however, were how the larger lakes were frozen. I’ve seen frozen ponds and such before, but the idea of having a lake that is miles across fully iced over (you could get in a truck and drive on it) fascinating. We stopped at Garrison and took some pictures, but like I said, I can’t show you them yet. It’s really cool though. I also took a picture of us (our first picture together!) and the big plastic fish, because that never gets old.

And that’s all I have to say for the minute. I’m watching the Chelsea game now, and after that I intend to buy my new bike. Very exciting times!

What’s that? What about Vanna? I should be spending time with her and not watching the football? Nah…

Bye for now,



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