Looper: A Brief Film Review

So yesterday’s bike ride didn’t quite go to plan. We set off with good intentions but it became clear very early on that Vanna was going to be unable to continue the ride. What? No, not because she is unfit, but because the tyres on her bike were flat. It was getting incredibly hard to pedal, and without a convenient way (gas station is 5 miles away) to pump them back up, she was forced to retire from the ride, and head back home.

I, however, battled on regardless (you know that thing about never leaving a man behind? No, I’m quite happy to do that) and managed to do 12 miles without incident. Woohoo!

That night, to make up for our lack of bonding time on the bike ride (you may not know this, but it’s hard to spend time with someone when they aren’t actually there), we decided to watch Looper together.

Looper, for those of you who haven’t watched it or haven’t even heard of it, is a futuristic, action thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. In Looper, time travel has been invented, but it is illegal and only available on the black market. It’s used mostly by the mob who, when they want to get rid of somebody, they send their target 30 years into the past (2044, which is where most of the film takes place) where a hired gun – a “looper” – is waiting to kill them.

Levitt is one of these loopers, and is doing pretty well for himself. He has his gun, his money, his drugs and his friendly prostitute, so yeah, he’s got it pretty much made. But then the mob decide to close the loop, and send Levitt’s future self (Willis)back to be killed. Normally this leads to a bumper pay off, and Levitt can spend the next 30 years doing whatever he wants.

Obviously though, things don’t work out that wonderfully (Willis isn’t going to die so easily) and Willis escapes. Now Levitt has to find and kill his future self before the mob get to Levitt (funnily enough, they don’t take kindly to loopers allowing their targets to get away; especially when it is a future version of themselves). All he has to go on, however, is a circle drawn on a map. What is there? What will happen? How does it end? Well, watch the film, because I’m not telling you!

Overall, I enjoyed Looper. Films like this (ie, that involve a future and past self) are always taking a risk because the world of time travel is very sketchy, and rife with plot holes. It is very easy to miss something out which can end up pulling your plot apart, piece by piece. For the most part though, Looper did make sense and, unless you specifically watch it to pick out the flaws, you should be able to watch it without saying ‘woah, that just doesn’t work!’ I know this because I’m normally one of those people (I didn’t fall for the amazing CGI in Avatar, for example, as the plot was just awful) but in this case, I was satisfied by how Looper worked. The plot, the back story, the characters…everything worked really well for me.

As for the acting, that was fairly solid too. Obviously you aren’t going to get much more on that from me as I only have two categories when it comes to acting (‘bad’, and ‘done the job’), but when Looper has a cast including Willis, Levitt and Emily Blunt (who I thought – once I realized she wasn’t the prostitute from earlier on in the film – played her part well), you know it’s highly unlikely the film is going to fall down on the acting front. The only criticism I had would be levelled at Levitt’s eyebrows. Just what is going on?

Okay, they look normal here...what's the problem?
Okay, they look normal here…so far so good

So yeah, other than the eyebrow thing, I don’t really have a bad word to say about Looper. It tried to do something different, and I’d have to say it succeeded (kudos to the writer and director, Rian Johnson). I might not have got emotionally attached to it (it was no Spiderman) but I’m glad I watched it. 8.5/10, which might be the highest rating review I’ve done on the blog so far. I don’t want to look back through my archives (face it, who cares?) so let’s just say it is. Well done Looper!


P.S On the DVD box there is a review by Shawn Edwards, of Fox TV. He says Looper is “the coolest and most original movie in years!” Normally I tend to pay little attention to these snippets, but I’d say this one is pretty accurate. Hmm. I could have just copied that and saved us a lot of time. Oh well.

Also, Vanna wanted to add that she thought the child actor who plays Cid was very good. For a child actor (her words, not mine; I hate all children and refuse to praise any of them…except for the older girl in This Is 40*..she was pretty good).


*On the plane over here I watched three films: This Is 40, The Campaign, and…I’ve temporarily forgotten the other one. Whoops. Anyway, if I can be bothered, I’ll do a review for them at some point. You’re, uh, you’re welcome.



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