The Bike Routes So Far…

I could tell you were all dying to know exactly where I’ve went on my bike rides, so I kindly drew them out on Google maps, just for you. You’re welcome! (please remember this kind gesture when I ask for a BIG favour tomorrow…)

Ta-da! You might uh, need to zoom in (clicking on the pic should work).

A: Our house. The base for all my rides.

B: The first ride I did (last Monday). Went to the crossroads at Breezy Point and back. Distance: 9.6 miles (roughly).

C: Tuesday’s trip to this green sign. I stopped there because I had no idea what was beyond that point and I’d probably not stop until I  got to the end. Distance: 11.4 miles (roughly).

D: Thursday’s cycle took me to the golf course turn in. Distance: 11.0 miles (roughly).

E: Yesterday’s ride. The aim was to reach Pequot Lakes, but as I wasn’t sure how much further it was (I also had no water and the football was on in less than an hour), I decided to stop at Landis + Gyr, and head back home. Distance: 14.6 miles.

I should explain the other little notes that I’ve made.

The red lines are the particularly tricky parts of the route. The long stretch to the left after B is probably the worst, as it is a long steep incline. The other long stretch near the beginning is hard too, as it catches you right at the end of the ride. It might not look like much, but it is a gradual incline that seems to go on forever. I nailed it yesterday though.

The smaller red marks are tough little inclines that I have to be ready for at the start of every ride. Fun on the way back home, however, as you can build up speed to help get home.

And uh, the little black W shape is representing the bald eagle I saw there when I was in the car with Vanna. You tend to see quite a lot of birds there and, well, I felt it was worth mentioning…

Target for the next trip? Pequot Lakes (follow the road beyond E). Now I know what the road is like (there are a few slopes, but only the one at the intersection is problematic) I think I can do it. Probably not today, as Vanna is on an early shift, but definitely my plan for tomorrow. Wish me luck!





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