Vanna And Alex Need YOU!

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Pine Peaks Wedding Competition, which Vanna and I have entered in the hopes that we will be the winners of a free wedding worth $40,000. If you don’t fancy clicking on the link above, here is a reminder of what we will get from the competition if we win.

  • Pine Peaks Event Center (for the wedding venue)
  • Pine Peaks Retreat House (for the reception and the couple)
  • Pine Peaks Lodge And Suites (for the family)
  • $3000 for honeymoon
  • $3000 for jewelry
  • And loads more (caterers, entertainment, gym membership, floral art, photographer just to name a few other things included; whatever you could want, it is covered)

Now, voting starts today and we need you to vote in your thousands. You can only vote once, but there is nothing stopping you from sending it on to all your friends and family so they can vote for us too.

If you need any (more)  reasons to vote for us, I’ve got plenty.

  1. We’re adorable.
  2. If we win it would make us unbelievably happy.
  3. Without this win, it is going to be a struggle for us to afford even the cheapest of weddings.
  4. Vanna deserves a beautiful wedding, and this way I can give it to her.
  5. We are thousands of miles apart, and too much of our time is spent alone. Winning will make this long distance nightmare end.
  6. We deserve to win this more than anybody else. We’re the only couple who are separate because of factors out of our control.
  7. Did I say we were adorable? Even if I’m not, Vanna makes me appear adorable.
  8. Winning will mean my family can be there for my wedding day.
  9. It will just make our life so much easier.
  10. There will be lots of pictures, which I can then upload on here for all of you.

So, I think I’ve made my point. WE NEED TO WIN THIS!

How do you vote? Well, I’m glad you asked!


On that page is our video, and a little vote button. All you need to do it click on the vote button, and you are done. Ten seconds. Easy! You can see me, hear me, and Splat acts in the video too! Or, if you don’t want to watch the video, just skip that and vote anyway!

Side note: If that above link doesn’t work for you (though I fixed it so it now should), CLICK HERE and then scroll down until your find our video (titled, Best’s Video: Alex And Vanna)

And that’s it. I’ll be posting this a lot in the next few weeks, but please bear with me (and ideally vote, and then, you know, share with your friends; if you think this is just pathetic begging…it is, so please stop me by voting!) and I will reward you for your patience (and votes, don’t forget about the votes) with one of my failed attempts at recording the video. Let’s just say Splat doesn’t comply with her role (sitting quietly and looking cute).

So yeah, don’t leave this page without following this link! Or this link! I will love you forever!

Well…only if we win that is. So get voting!


Alex (and Vanna)


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