What A Beautiful Day!

Oh my, it is so sunny outside today! No chilling wind or freezing temperatures either! Just lovely, warm weather. At last, could we be seeing the start of summer? I hope so.

And you’ll never guess how I’ve spent the day so far.

First, because we were up late last night, I slept in, and consequently didn’t wake up until 12, meaning I missed all of the morning sunshine (and my usual blog time; sorry about that) . Oh. Well still, it isn’t forecast to turn bad until Wednesday (rain). I’ll just do something this afternoon!

So, after Vanna went to work at 1:30, I…uh…sat down and watched the football.

Hmm. I’m probably not making the most of the sun in this routine, am I? In my defence, this has been a really good match…no, no I can’t lie. It’s been boring. I’ve spent the whole time procrastinating online.


Well, Vanna will be home shortly, and the plan is to get on our bikes and try to find a way to reach the Paul Bunyan trail that doesn’t involve going all the way to Nisswa or Pequot Lakes. I’ve been looking online and I think I might have found a route. The only problem is that a small section of the road doesn’t seem to, well, exist anymore. Hmm. That isn’t good BUT I reckon we can get round it, so we’re going to check that out.  Hopefully we’ll find some success. Failing that, we should still have some fun (the road does a circuit around the Cullen Lakes; I’m expecting good views!) getting there as the little back roads look pretty cool. Of course, that depends on us not, you know, getting lost or murdered or something. That usually ruins even the most fun-filled trips.

I’ll tell you how that goes (I might bring my camera too) tomorrow, providing we survive, of course.

I’m only joking, we’ll be okay really…well I will be, as I’ll use Vanna to make my escape. What? She’d want me to do it. Possibly.


Wish us luck!


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