Happy Mother’s Day! Also, New Shoes!

Happy mother’s day everybody (especially those of you who are mothers), I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday so far (even those of you who are in the UK and wondering what the hell I’m talking about; I should explain that the Americans celebrate Mother’s Day on a different day to us. Why? No idea whatsoever. But I’m getting free food, so I’m not going to argue it). Today we’re going to see Vanna’s mother and have a meal with her to celebrate (this is where the free food comes in). It’s going to be a typical family function, so I’ll be doing my best to drink as much as possible while staying out the way of any drama that may or may not happen (it probably won’t, but I like to take precautions) because nothing says happy families like being drunk in the middle of a field!

Nah, I’m only joking. I might have a few drinks, of course, but otherwise I’ll probably just be plonked down in front of the television. I do plan on bringing my camera though, so if the weather is nice I’ll get some pictures of the area. I’ve been to Palisade before but considering most of the pictures I took then were from the back of a quad bike, there is room for improvement. I’ll uh, try my best.

In other news, yesterday Vanna and I went to the mall. Oooh, exciting right? We went with the intention to buy some new shoes for myself, in order to replace my beloved white Pumas. You know, the ones that were destroyed in the bog.

I wanted blue Pumas (my other old pair of Pumas are blue) but as the shop only had Pumas in black or white, I was left with a decision. Do I get a black pair instead, and stick with the brand that I’ve been so faithful to over the last five years, or do I switch allegiance purely for the chance to have a second pair of blue shoes, and abandon Puma purely on an aesthetic basis?

It was a tough decision. I do love Puma…but here are my new Reeboks!

My attempt at being artsy, okay? Just shut up and look at the shoes!
Close up
Uh, another artsy shot? Fine, I won’t do it again!

I’m not entirely sure about the soles (that is the one area I’m really fussy about when it comes to shoes; don’t ask me why, I just am), as they look like teeth (and not in a good way?), but they are really comfortable to wear. And my thinking is that I can use these for cycling etc and clean up my new white ones (they got grubby during the cat chase earlier this week) for the more special occasions. That way I’m covered for every occasion (except for bad weather, important presentations, going to ritzy restaurants, and going on a boat…but still…close enough). Besides, Vanna likes them (always important), I like them (somehow less important), and they suit my wardrobe (I have style…not good style, but style nonetheless), so I’m happy with them.

Once we left the store (this took a while; the girl helping me picked up on my accent and soon her and her colleagues wanted to know more about me and my voice. I didn’t mind though, and I was glad to make their day a bit more interesting. After all, how often do you get the chance to meet an Englishman when you live in a small Minnesotan town like Brainerd?) we continued through the mall and stopped in Rue 21, a clothing store. Vanna, you see, didn’t like how I was getting all the attention (they loved me in the shoe store), and wanted to get some clothes for herself to make herself feel better(she’s petty like that). But while we were there, I noticed they were selling shoes for $5 so after checking them out, I, uh, bought another pair.

What? I needed a pair to grub around in. Here they are. Not bad for $5!

See, this is what happens when you restrict my creativity!
Still, good for $5, right?

Okay, time for me to go. I’ll be back tomorrow, unless Vanna’s mean plan to drag me to work is followed through, and I have to spend the day helping her watch two children.


Bye for now,



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