Nisswa Pictures (They Really Like Turtles…)

Sun. I’d almost forgotten you existed.
We didn’t go in that place but we will next time.
The, uh, Medicine Man. Apologies about the glare.
It doesn’t get any better closer up. And by that I don’t mean the glare (I mean the racism).
Still. Looks nice though.
Across the street.
Vanna doesn’t let a little thing like approaching traffic bother her.
Where we went to eat (Rafferty’s, not Martins. I don’t know what Martins even is…).
Aw, isn’t that cute? Vanna then tells me to look down…
A turtle!
Oooh, and another one!
Brief seque before I turn around and see…
A bin with a turtle on it. Okay, I’m starting to see a pattern here…
Aha. Let’s go check it out.
But first…
Back on track. Turtle!
Let’s see if there are any more turtles over here…
Nope. Pretty door though.
Vanna wanted to document my return from the bathroom.
While I wanted to check out the trees.
But wait. Is that another turtle I see?
“I love my cat”. That she does.
“I love Jesus”. That she…doesn’t.
And finally…(sorry, no more turtles. Maybe next time).

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