It’s Still Raining…

My poor bike. Out there, alone, vulnerable to the elements. We haven’t got a place to store it so it just sits under the smallest section of ledge. *sigh*

Yeah, I’m getting sick of this now. It was nice to begin with (as I said the other day, it has helped kick-start spring). But this is the third, or fourth day of rain and well, I want to be out there doing things! I tried going for a bike ride yesterday, and it was just miserable. The wind was constantly in my face, and the rain, though sprinkling, was an irritating enemy that never seemed to go away. Still, I didn’t let it bother me too much. Managed 13 miles!

Anyway,  today is Vanna’s day off so I’m going to keep it short. I took a few pictures of the garden before the rain came, so I’m going to upload them and head off. We’re going to Crosby today so we can visit a few people, and more importantly, pick up some things that we need/want, including a crock pot, Vanna’s laptop and some sports equipment. Last year Vanna bought me a tennis racquet (I honestly can’t remember her getting it for me) but we never got around to using it (apparently it is still in the packaging), so we’re planning to find a court and try that out this summer. Vanna really likes tennis and it’s good exercise…so we’ll see how that goes.

Look at me, eh? Cycling, driving and now (possibly, don’t bet on it just yet) tennis!

Agh, I’m being called. Here’s the pictures. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, as I’m probably going to share my thoughts on the new Xbox One (I am a gamer after all). Have a great day everyone!

The water fountain. And my bike in the background. Poor thing…




See, the grass is starting to turn green…
Pretty cool, huh?
And back to the top. See that red thing off to the left? I cut open my leg on that yesterday. Fun times!

One thought on “It’s Still Raining…”

  1. Just a thought, why dont you buy a plastic ground sheet and cover your bikes with that. Item eight from TBOD!

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