Well, I started to write about Xbox One (the new generation of Xbox; even those of you who don’t like games must have heard something about it in the last few days…surely?), or more specifically what I thought about it (I watched the press conference and read/seen nothing else), only to then hear other people’s opinions on the matter…and now I’m not quite sure what to think. Except, of course, for the following:

  • The name is rather stupid, and makes me think of the original Xbox
  • It isn’t the most beautiful looking thing in the world, and again, reminds me of the old Xbox. At least it is a sleek brick this time.
  • Despite all this, I’ll still buy it when it comes out. And I won’t be buying a PS4.

But other than that, I’m not really sure what to think. Hence my ‘hmm’ title.

Now, I could just write about it anyway, but considering what a big deal the Xbox One could be (future of entertainment? One device to rule them all? Ooh, maybe that is why they call it the Xbox One, like the One Ring from LOTR…hmm), or indeed, is (if it wasn’t, I suppose, nobody would care), I feel like I should research fully into the matter first. There has been a lot of information flying around in the last few days and I don’t want to jump in without giving it some thought (I’m not going to simply be in the ‘ohmygoshxboxxboxxboxIjustloveyou’ camp, nor am I switching into the ‘itlooksuglyitwillbestupidI’mnotbuyingwahwahwah’ camp either…I’m going to think first!).

So – and this is a blog first, ladies and gentlemen – I’m going to hold off for now, and talk about it once I know a bit more.

As a result, I uh, don’t really have anything else to say today. It’s sunny outside…which is something. I might go for another bike ride while Vanna is at work.

Umm…ooh, I took a picture of the cat yesterday! That should be enough to distraction you while I sneak off!

She got onto the ledge above the kitchen! How cute!
She looks mad but she loves me using the flash!



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