Memorial Weekend Pictures

Well, it turns out that this weekend (the one we just had) was actually Memorial weekend, and we were in fact celebrating the holiday at the right time; not a week early which is what I was initially told (by Vanna, if you must know).

So, now that we’ve sorted that out (I don’t like to leave things unfixed; speaking of which, a few weeks ago I stated Vanna hit speeds of thirty miles an hour on her bike. In truth, this figure was nearer to forty. I keep forgetting to change it, so I thought I’d mention it now)…this Memorial weekend wasn’t quite as memorable as last year’s, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time. The weather was definitely nicer, and there was alcohol…so really, a win/win situation.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took from Saturday. I’ll tell you the full story (well, more or less the full story; I can’t possibly include everything, after all) tomorrow.


My first view of the campsite (I thought it was a cabin…I was misled). Can you guess what that little shed is?
Off to the right…
And the trail out.
It was an outhouse! Surprise (it certainly was for me…)!
Vanna and a tree. Vanna is the shorter one to the right.
If the water wasn’t so oily, you might have seen the tadpoles.
So high man.
Trees again. Still waiting for Vanna to finish photographing the pond so we can go for a walk.
One of the neighborhood dogs. Very friendly.
The water pump. Hmm. Think I’ll stick to beer!
The sun finally decided to say hello.
What can I say? I like taking pictures of the sun.
The start of the trail…
Round the bend…
Hmm. Where did the nice dry terrain go?
Urgh. Glad I brought my grub shoes.
Yep. Good decision.

Just your average Minnesotan puddle.
Uprooted tree.
Close up of the surface roots.
And that’s the devastation it caused. I counted at least 4 trees down.
What, we’ve got to go through that?
Sun through trees shot!
Another close up of the unturned tree (I didn’t want to go through that puddle).
Sherpa Jim helped us through it.

Lots of trees.
Can you see my shadow?
I blame the beer.
Oooh, pretty colours (again, possibly the beer).
Another pond.

My favourite shot.

Beaver dam!

That tree was cool too
The three tree
Heading home…
Or were we? (yes, yes we were. This is the last picture)

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