It’s Done

So, yesterday Vanna and I went over to Brainerd and after that, Crosby. Didn’t get home until late, so you can just tell it was a good day (or a bad one that would never end; I’ll leave it for you to decide).

We had lunch at Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, which is in Brainerd. I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious. Everything in it, even the things I didn’t like (not a fan of streaky bacon or celery), were perfect. It was a new experience for not just me, but Vanna too, as despite driving past it every week, she had never gone in the sandwich shop before. She had assumed it would be expensive, or horrible; anything, really, that would be considered a negative (she likes to think the worst at times, does Vanna). I wanted to go because I was tired of using Subway, as their sandwiches are not only tasteless, stale, expensive and unhealthy (they cook the bread in sugar! Who does that? Why would you do that? Bread is delicious and pouring sugar on it should be a crime!) and I like to prove Vanna wrong (we’re in love, don’t you know?).

So, I was hoping it would be a great place. And it was. Lovely atmosphere, good prices, tasty sandwiches (they give you the bit of bread they cut out so you can use it to mop up…how great is that?)…so much better than Subway. Everything was fresh and the staff were friendly too. In other words, if you live in Minnesota, Wisconsin or the few random places they have a shop, you no longer need to use Subway because Erbert And Gerberts are available there, and they taste so much better (I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it genuinely isn’t; I really liked it there, and I would happily say that without being paid…though I wouldn’t say no to the money if it were offered. Erbert? Gerbert? No? What about some free sandwiches?).

Anyway, after we’d been to E&Gs, we drove over to Crosby to see Vanna’s family. First her grandparents and two uncles, who were at the home visiting Vanna’s great grandparent (who I have met a few times). Though retirement/care homes have a bad reputation over here, this one in Crosby is just fantastic. I’ve already decided that I’m going to put my dad in it (surprise!), and frankly, I wouldn’t mind being there myself at some point. Private healthcare, eh?

But, I digress. We spent a few hours there, and then a few more at Sierra’s, Vanna’s sister, so Vanna could see her niece, and more importantly, pick up a lamp and a few other goods (I jest, of course).

Once we’d finished there, we headed back to Brainerd to do our food shopping. Once that was done, it was off to Vanna’s work, and then home. We put our stuff away, made ourselves some food (we like to eat late) and went upstairs to watch a film (more on that later; I haven’t quite decided what to think about it). I killed a few spiders (more on that later too) and once the film finished, we went to bed.

So there we have it. My very exciting Saturday. I bet you were glad to read all about that, eh?

Oh wait. I forgot something.

Hmm. What was it?

Ah yes, I remember. I got my hair cut.

What’s that? You want to know more about that? And you would have preferred it if I’d just started with that little nugget of information instead of making you sift through all the fairly unimportant stuff (*censored version*) above, which you would have been much happier not knowing?

Oh, I see. Hmm. My bad.

Well, Vanna finally got her way and persuaded me to get my hair cut. We went to her hairdresser in Brainerd and while I sat down and held back the tears, Vanna told the woman exactly what she wanted. Once it was done (I’d prefer not to relive the details, thank you), Vanna couldn’t stop staring at me for a good ten minutes. She’s never seen me with short hair, you see. But she was happy. I was…less enthused, but I think that’s understandable when you consider how the length that it is now is the shortest I’ve had it since I was 16 (it is even shorter than it was last summer).

Want to see it?

I kept doing a military pose, so Vanna told me to do something else. This was it…

Different, right? I do like it, but I must admit it is taking some getting used to (my ears get cold now). Apologies for not having more pictures; the few that Vanna took were blurry (I think she was overexcited), and we haven’t got around to taking more yet. I will get it done soon, I promise. And I’ll take the cap off so you can actually get a good look at what my hair looks like now.

And so, on that bombshell, it is time for me to go (just for today, I don’t mean permanently). Bye!



4 thoughts on “It’s Done”

  1. Looks a lot better Scooby! By the way Susan is upset that you have no plans to put her in the same home.(like your thinking!! hee hee) Bathroom floor done today,looks great!

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