Even Ladders Can’t Reach You, Kitten Dear

When we came home on saturday night, to stop her whining, we let the kitten go outside. She’s been out most nights since the incident, and behaved well, so we weren’t too bothered about putting her out. Normally, you see, she returns a few hours later, crying to be let back in, or she’ll come running as soon as Vanna calls her in the morning. This time, though, was different.

Sunday morning, there was no sign of her. Vanna went out and said her name, but nothing.

Sunday afternoon, there was still no sign of her. This time I went out, and uh, wandered for a bit.

Later that afternoon, Vanna returned from work and we resumed the search. We walked around the garden, down the hill and then up the road, calling as we went. Vanna was very worried at this point; in her head Anya had been savaged by a bear or something. I was less concerned; my belief was that something had scared her off, she’d got lost or stuck (probably up a tree), and was too far away for us to hear our cries.

And, as always, I was right. Anya was stuck. In a tree. A couple hundred yards along the road. After being scared by the dogs next door.

There she is!

Well, at least she is safe! So, we’ll just call her and she will come down. Easy, right?


We tried luring her with food. Nothing.

We got a 20ft ladder and put it against the tree. Still couldn’t reach her.

I shook the branch she was on (Vanna has the photos; I’ll upload them some other time). Didn’t faze her.

I threw sticks at her. Again, nothing.

I then threw rocks at her. Hit her on the nose. Didn’t even flinch.

By this point, we were getting frustrated so we gave up. She wasn’t budging (too fat to stand up), and we couldn’t reach her. I was bored of taking pictures (the natural response for me, after seeing a cat in a tree, is to get the camera) and Vanna’s calls weren’t working. Anya wanted to come down, but she just couldn’t do it.


So we went inside, ate, and went to Vanna’s work. After that, we spent a few hours at Meg’s in order to make the fact we were only there to steal her food less insulting (as you do). By the time it hit 1am, we decided it was time we should head back, and see if kitty had moved from her position. It was nearing Hour 24 in the tree, so we had high hopes that she’d made her way down to the ground, and would be crying at our door wanting her food. It was worth hoping for, right?

Haha…of course not! She was still there, meowing. Knowing that this was our last chance to get her down before we had to do something desperate (call the fire department), we shone the car’s lights on the tree and did our best to lure her down (well, Vanna did; I stood and watched). And, to our surprise, she made her way down. Cat’s get stuck in trees because their legs and claws are designed better for going up, not down, but Anya shimmied down like a pro (even I was impressed) into Vanna’s arms. No doubt she’s upstairs now, sleeping off her ordeal.

What an adventure, eh? No doubt we’ll repeat it again sometime in the future. Yay…

*sigh* I’ll upload the pictures tomorrow. Until then, everyone have a great Monday.



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