Agh, Not Again…

Sorry gang, it looks like you’re going to have to wait another day to hear about our anniversary weekend. I know, I know, but I have a reasonable excuse this time*. Vanna will be at work from 1 – 11 today, so I’m going to go with her. Though I don’t want to sit in an internetless room for 9 hours (I want to cycle now that it’s getting nice outside, and, more importantly, play Dragon Age 2), being without Vanna for such a long period isn’t really an option, especially now that we’ve seen how little time we have left together before I go home. The shock of realizing that in just over a month I’ll be gone has hit us hard. The summer has barely begun and in a matter of five weeks (and a few days), I won’t be here to enjoy it. *insert sad face*

So yeah, we’re panicking somewhat. And, because I only have an hour to get ready (we got home late from Brainerd last night, causing us to sleep in), there is no way I’ll be able to upload photos/write about what we did on Friday without making Vanna incredibly late. So, no blog again today. Sorry.

But, on the plus side, I have 9 hours with no entertainment today. If I haven’t written several blog posts, and at least one chapter for my book, I will be very surprised (and disappointed; if being bored doesn’t work as a motivator, I have no chance of getting anything done!).

Anyway, that’s our situation. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow (this time I mean it!), and I promise that I will talk all about our trip. It’ll be amazing.

Possibly. No guarantees on that.

Speak to you soon,


*I do actually have a better excuse for not doing anything yesterday than the ones I mentioned in the blog.  Turns out, this apartment hates us! Not only do we have a boatload (boat is the censored word here) of spiders to contend with (I’m running out of tissues), the plumbing has decided to become a problem too (yes, again). This time, something, somewhere, is leaking and the water (which is very stinky; isn’t that amazing?) from said leak is pooling underneath the living room carpet. How great is that?

Anyway, the plumber came in to fix that yesterday, and with Vanna at work, it was my responsibility to sit and watch…I mean, help out when needed. So, as a result, I didn’t really have time to do anything (afterwards I napped and worked on my book) blog related.

But, on the plus side, our plumbing is sorted now. Oh wait, no it isn’t. The floorboards are up and the leak still hasn’t been found.


Well…at least being out the house all day means I don’t have to deal with that, I suppose.


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