The Celebration Of Our Second Year

Photography On The Citadel

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. It seems so far away now (but that’s my fault for not talking about it earlier; sorry about that), but I don’t think I’ll forget about it for a long time.

If you haven’t seen my earlier posts, last Saturday was mine and Vanna’s second anniversary; two years to the day when we first starting dating. Until we get married, this is the most special day in our calendar, and we wanted to do something fantastic to mark it.

This is what we got up to.

Hotel Breakfast

Got up early so we could have our complimentary breakfast. I had a sausage patty and egg bagel, a blueberry bagel with jam (mixed berry, I believe), and an English muffin with butter. I also had about 5 glasses of fruit juice, a yoghurt, and a bite of Vanna’s cinnamon…thing.

What did Vanna have? Uh, that cinnamon thing, some…

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