Split Rock Lighthouse Pictures

Click on a picture to see the post. This is the last time I’ll do this for a while, I swear (no pictures, no reblog).

Photography On The Citadel

This is the final blog post I’ll do talking our anniversary weekend (the last one specifically related to it, anyway). Tomorrow, I will have to actually think of something new to talk about. Not that I’m out of topics however; I could discuss the wedding we’re going to today (it’s ours, surprise! Nah, I’m just kidding), or how it is father’s day (while I am, for the second year running, conveniently thousands of miles away from mine), or how this week I knocked Vanna off her bicycle and, though she has forgiven me for it, she won’t stop telling the story until everybody we know has heard it at least once. So yeah, I got plenty to discuss (and that isn’t even including the films or TV shows I’ve watched this week!).

Anyway, these are the pictures from our visit to Split Rock on Saturday (last one; we haven’t done…

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