Just A Few Things To Say Today…

Before I talk about the wedding we went to this weekend, and what we did on Father’s day, I probably should expand on the comment I made on Saturday about knocking Vanna off her bike. I feel that I sounded rather blase about something that, at the time, was quite traumatic for the two of us.

That being said, I would like to point out there were no serious injuries (Vanna was okay then, and she’s okay now) and it totally wouldn’t have happened if she’d not panicked (or could touch the ground while riding). Oh, and it was a complete accident.

Honest. I just took my hand off the handlebars for a moment (I can’t even remember why), and veered sideways into her bike. I pulled  away as soon as I could, but by that point, it was too late. Vanna was turning…falling…flying…and then hitting the ground. Fortunately, she landed in the grass, so she wasn’t injured…just shook up.

Don’t forget that. Shook up but not injured. I’m in the clear!

Anyway, I came to the rescue (let’s just ignore the fact I put her in danger in the first place, okay?). I cycled home, got the car and then drove it to her so she didn’t have to get back on the bike. How nice am I?

What? Shush?

So, despite what Vanna has said to everybody within earshot, she was not harmed by the accident. Just want you to remember that.

Joking aside, she was a good sport about it all. I don’t think I would have been as pleasant if the roles had been reversed. But then again, I probably would have kept control of my bike and not fallen off.


SO, the wedding. We went to a wedding on Saturday. Whose wedding? Vanna’s best friend’s brother’s wedding (yeah, I think that’s right). Strictly speaking I wasn’t invited, but they knew I was coming…so that counts, right?

Anyway, it was a lovely ceremony at the church, and an even better reception at Cragun’s resort (20 minutes from Brainerd). I couldn’t afford any alcohol mind, but it was good nonetheless. There was food (tasty), dancing (awkward) and pictures (uh, awkward again). Vanna left me there while she was at work, but she came back a couple of hours later to dance, and to pick up wedding tips (this was her first wedding). She told a few people the bike story too, because, hey, when you are in a room with a couple hundred people, you can not forget to mention how your fiance wiped you out deliberately (it was an accident!) when you were out on a bike ride.

Ahem. But congratulations to Jeremy and Annie. I hope you have a wonderful time together. I was the guy in the pink shirt who you’ve never met before, but will be quite visible in a lot of the wedding photos because of my height and that aforementioned pink shirt. Hello!

So that was Saturday. Sunday was Father’s day (in case you forgot) and not only did I do a wonderful drawing, I also helped Vanna make a Chipotle bowl for her dad. He visited us late in the afternoon, which was nice. We ate and wandered outside for a while (lovely weather is finally here! Typically, I’m bored with cycling). He also told us that the bad smell coming from the bathroom (have I mentioned that the bathroom got ripped up last week in order to find a leak that is soaking the floor of the living room? And our bathroom is now a complete mess that neither of us want to go in? Oh, and we’re still no closer to finding that leak so we’re stuck with an awful, stinky bathroom for the foreseeable future? Well, I have now) is black mold. Isn’t that fantastic? The wood isn’t just soaked, it is moldy too! Yay!

Needless to say, I’m spending today upstairs away from the stench. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon. If not…well, I’ve had a good life.

Speak to you later (I hope),






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