What I Missed Out Last Week (Pictures)

Photography On The Citadel

So, remember when I said that I wouldn’t use The Photography of WOTC blog for a while? I even made a promise? Well, it turns out that a while is three days, and my promises mean nothing. Hmm. My bad.

Well, here we are again. If you are on WOTC, then click on a picture (any picture) and you’ll see the full album. If you’ve already done that, then congratulations! I know this isn’t ideal, but with no memory on WOTC and photobucket inaccessible thanks to the firewall (remember when I said I was going to fix that? Yeah, turns out I can’t), this is the best way to get around it. So, as I said at the start of this paragraph…here we are again. Welcome back!

Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took last week, but never got to upload because I was too busy writing about…

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