Plans Fail, But We Still Had Fun

So, we didn’t go to the arboretum yesterday. Or the park. Or the beach. It was all a sham, people, a sham!

Well, it didn’t start out that way. We did manage to stop at the arboretum, but after talking to the lady in the visitor centre for a few minutes, we realized that the Brainerd arboretum was not somewhere we should visit during the hottest day of the year so far (in Brainerd, not the world; that still might not be true, but it feels right), without food, water, and in Vanna’s case, proper footwear (sandals, once again).

Why did we go? Well, we thought (or I thought) it would be a nice stroll around some grounds that would take one, maybe two hours. You take some pictures, see some flowers…a very, at ease, walk.

No. Not this arboretum. This arboretum is huge.  This arboretum involves hiking, and that is not something we want to do when we’re already feeling the heat. In addition, as we’d arrived at the arboretum a couple of hours later than initially planned, our time was a bit restricted, so if we wanted to do a proper job of the place, then we’d have to rush around. As you can imagine, this was not a particularly inviting thought, so we decided to leave the arboretum exploration for a day where we have more time, and, more importantly, when it isn’t so hot.

Also, Vanna forgot her camera, and though my little red one has been rather nifty at times, it wouldn’t anywhere near as good when it comes to the close up shots of flowers and stuff that she wanted to do.

So, the arboretum failed. What about the park?

Free food took that out. As we were waking up yesterday morning (cough, totally wasn’t afternoon cough), we were invited out for pizza by Vanna’s mother. Naturally, seeing Vanna’s family (her sister, niece and grandmother were also there) was more important than having a picnic in the park, so we accepted the invite and drove straight to Rafferty’s Pizza in Brainerd. As a result, we didn’t get to the arboretum straight away, and we didn’t get to the park at all. But it was worth it.

Actually, there was something else we did that slowed us up. Well, something that Vanna did while I stood behind her holding the pizza box (which I love doing…it is so fun!). We (she) tried on engagement/wedding rings! Yeah. Lots of expensive ones that probably would have given a man with a weaker heart a coronary. I, however, tried not to focus on that. I just let Vanna try on the ones that she liked, and once she picked out a few that she really liked (my opinion was also important, but as it happens, I agreed with her), I took down the numbers and we left.

Will we go there again, and actually buy one of those rings (if we do, we’re leaving the pizza at home)? Probably not, but it was good experience for the two of us. It was the first time I’ve ever ventured into a jewelry shop for the single intention of browsing rings, so yeah…definitely an experience.  We now know what suits Vanna’s hand the best (gold!) so when I can actually afford to buy something beautiful for her, I won’t be completely wrong with my choice. Well, hopefully not, anyway.

So, that was that. We left Brainerd, and after a short stop at home, we went to Pelican beach.

But Pelican beach was busy, so we left. And then went to a docking area by Bass lake. It was deserted, so obviously it was the best place to be. Lovely and peaceful. We both ventured into the water for a while (it was cold!), before lying out on the dock to tan. Well, Vanna tanned while I made notes for my book (and burned). I did bring my camera with but I forgot to use it…so sorry about that. You’ll just have to use your imaginations, I suppose. It was nothing special, but it sure as hell beat sitting on a crowded sandy beach surrounded by children and overweight people.

Anyway, we stayed there for a couple of hours before driving home so Vanna could nap before she had to go to work. I played Dragon Age 2 until it was time to leave, because, well I’ve got an addiction people, and I need to feed it. I’m so close to the end…even though I’ve played it through already, it has been such a long time since I completed it that it all feels new and exciting. And because I’m already aware of all the flaws the game had, they don’t bother me, so I’m enjoying it even more. In fact, I’m rather sad that it’s nearly over. I can’t play Dragon Age (the original) because of a region lock, and I didn’t bring any of my other RPGs (Fallout, Skyrim) so I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do next.


Go outside, I suppose.





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