Woah, Where Did You Come From?

There is a huge storm going on right now. It is so loud and so big I couldn’t even sleep! Thunder, rain, wind, lightning…you name it, it is happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if it started raining cats and dogs. Then again, it wouldn’t be that much of a shock because next door’s dogs never go inside (not only did they chase me when I first got my bike – which is also outside and at risk, but Vanna won’t bring it in for me – they also chased kitty up that tree) and – you couldn’t make it up – so is kitty.

Vanna foolishly put her out around 4am, not realizing that it was about to rain an hour or so later (apologies for being a little hazy on the times; I was asleep after all). She also left her sunroof open (albeit only a little bit) because that’s just the way she likes to do things. Clearly, this is all her fault. You’d almost think she was tempting the storm with these actions. Inciting it into a fury, until it smites down with all its smiting powers (lightning can smite can’t it? Or is just the thing that is used to smite with? Either way, there is smiting involved). It makes sense actually, as I heard her saying ‘try your best, nature!’ to the sky earlier. I just assumed it was some American thing and said nothing of it. Now I know the truth.


Anyway, the cat is outside, my bike is outside and there is little chance of this storming letting up. As I said, it started early morning as a typical rainstorm, and has progressively got worse and worse. The forecast states that it’ll be around all day and will only disappear at ten o’clock tonight. Considering, Vanna wanted to go to the beach today, and I wanted to go for a bike ride…this is not exactly good news.


To think it was so bloomin’ lovely yesterday and I didn’t go out. I wanted to complete Dragon Age 2 so I sat upstairs, ignored all the heat and sunshine, and did the last quest instead of going out there and enjoying the day. How could I be so foolish (oh no! Maybe I caused this storm, and it wasn’t just Vanna! Oh man)?

Mind you, it was very enjoyable and I’m glad I did it. I think it was inevitable that my second playthrough would be better than the first time. I’ve already got all the disappointment out of my system, and instead I’m just left with a story that is almost like new (it has been a while since I played it). I was able to enjoy the characters and the plot a lot more as a result.  I put over 45 hours into it, and would happily double that if I, you know, had more missions and stuff to do. Given how limited DA2 is compared to other RPG’s (the original, for example, or Skyrim), that’s a very impressive statistic.

It does mean, however, that I now have a big void in my life that I need to fill somehow. Yesterday (I appreciate I’ve gone over this ground before) I said I could go outside. Clearly now, that is not an option.

Indoors today then
See where that red bit is, off to the right? That means severe, and we’re underneath that. Yay!

Hmm. Borderlands 2 it is then!


I’ll keep you updated on the situation (by this I mean I’ll take pictures later, when it isn’t so wet and, you know, stormy). Pray for my bike…I mean, uh, Anya.


Anya has returned! Meowing pathetically, and soaking wet, but she is okay! Vanna is now doting on her (I could come in with a broken leg and not get that much attention) so she’s golden (my bike, however, is still outside).

Well then. How about that for late drama?



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