Storm Aftermath Photos (Don’t Expect Much…)

So, it wasn’t exactly storming all day like I predicted. For the most part we just got humidity…BUT at 10pm (a time I did mention, albeit the time I predicted it would all be over), while we were at Vanna’s work, it started to storm again. We had lightning, thunder and lots and lots of rain for over 5 hours!

Obviously, that is going to cause a lot of damage, right? I went out yesterday morning with my camera to document the carnage. And this is what I got…

Some debris…
The “huge” puddle by the car…
Look at all those sticks! Knocked off trees, they were!

Yeah…doesn’t look like anything happened does it? It was really bad, honest. Big lightning bolts, loud thunder…just we didn’t get a repeat of last year’s flooding/aftermath to prove it. We were warned about it too; Vanna’s phone kept going off telling us to be wary of flash floods, but nope, we got nothing.

Sorry folks. You aren’t the only one disappointed (if I’m going to be stuck indoors, it best be for something significant).

But it isn’t all bad news. Today we’re going to the CIRCUS!

Oh yeah! I’ve never been to one before so this is going to be a new experience for me. I’m bringing my camera and extra batteries with, so if you aren’t going (or if you’ve never been to a circus before either), you can pretend you did!

That’s almost the same, right?

Speak to you all later,



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