Ouch, That Looks Painful

Once again, apologies for the lack of communication this week. I did intend on saying a little bit more yesterday, but I ran out of time. Vanna had a double shift at work, and I decided to go with her. Sadly, I have only three weeks left in Minnesota so we’re trying to spend as much time as possible together. As a result, I’ve started going to work with her. This does mean I have to sacrifice my internet procrastination/Xbox time but hey, I’m willing to make that sacrifice for her (true love, right?).

Fortunately, Vanna has the next few days off so there will be no long shifts watching two children cause mischief. Unfortunately,  Vanna has a severe sunburn all over her back and can’t really move, so it is unlikely we’ll be able to get up to anything exciting.

*I’d insert a picture here, but it hurts too much to be photographed*

How did it happen?

Well, Vanna took the kids to the beach on Tuesday, and because she was keeping an eye on them, forgot to put sunscreen on her exposed areas. And there was nobody (ie, me) to remind her because I was…still in bed at that point. And by the time I’d cycled over, the damage was already done. It was too late (though being there another two hours after I’d gone probably exacerbated it).

Poor girl. She’s really suffering at the moment so hopefully a few days of rest will clear it up, or, failing that, at least alleviate some of the pain. I can’t imagine what she is going through but it looks incredibly painful. The location of the burn is probably the worst part; it covers her neck, shoulders and upper back…you know, the three places on your body which you need to use when you move about. Yesterday was particularly agonizing, as she had to be up on her feet for a good twelve hours at work…not fun.

So yeah…fairly uneventful here. But I’ve found a few ways to entertain myself while I wait for Vanna to heal, so at least I won’t be too bored while Vanna sleeps off the pain. This is what I’ve been up to in the past week or so.

The Walking Dead

Much like Lost and Breaking Bad, I jumped onto the bandwagon a little late, but hey, at least I’m here in the end, right? Vanna introduced me to the The Walking Dead this summer, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been aware of it for a while, but after reading some unfavourable reviews (notable some articles deriding it on Cracked.com), I soon decided not to bother with it. But I’m glad to be wrong, and I’m glad that Vanna pushed me towards it.  There might not be enough zombie fighting in it for some people, but I have found it to an excellent series so far.

There is a problem, however. I actually finished the second season ages ago, and I can’t find the third season anywhere. My intention was to do a complete review once I’d watched every episode to date (it would be a bit late, I feel, to start discussing the story in the first season now, when everybody else has already moved on), and not mention it at all until then, but I’m desperate for more and by bringing it up now I’m hoping someone has an answer for me.

The issue is that, although I desperately want it, I refuse to pay full price for the DVD. And that seems to be my only option. It isn’t on Neflix, and the rental store doesn’t have it either (when asked if there was a date when they would have it, the cashier gave me an uninterested blank look). What can I do? Does anybody fancy sending it to me? Please!

State Of Decay

To satisfy my zombie cravings (what is it with zombies? They are on tv, in games and at the movies! Are they the new vampires? I don’t mind, but still…), I downloaded a trial version of State Of Decay, an open world Xbox Live Arcade game that I’ve had my eyes on for a while.

Essentially, zombies have taken over the world, and you control some of the survivors that are, well, trying to stay alive. You can try to defend one spot, or you can keep on the move. The most important aspect of the game is staying alive, and it doesn’t really matter how you do it. If you want to know more, you are probably best clicking on this link because I’m too lazy to research it myself (woo!)

Now, I initially wanted this game because I thought it was multiplayer; the idea of joining up with my friends and roaming around this huge world fighting zombies sounded pretty damn cool to me. Unfortunately, this version is purely single player, but it has still been very enjoyable playing the demo. In the three hours (I think it was three) hours I had, I managed to;

  • Not get killed in the first five minutes (this is fairly important).
  • Loot the camping grounds I started at, and leave without getting bitten or killed (still very important).
  • Drive to a nearby town and meet with some other survivors (still alive!).
  • Save my friend from dying to the zombie infection.

I was just about to start kicking some more zombie ass when I ran out of time. Definitely one I hope to buy sometime soon. It has potential to be one of the better zombie games out there; just imagine a more expansive and plot driven (well, there is more going on storywise) Left 4 Dead. Not bad eh (and, because it is on Xbox arcade, it will cost half what a retail game costs)?

And if they make enough money, Undead Labs will make a multiplayer version!

Good Mythical Morning

Something not zombie related this time. GMM is a ten minute podcast by Rhett and Link, the geniuses behind I Wanna Be Your Maine Man (they’ve done a lot of stuff, but this is my favourite). If you haven’t heard of them before, Rhett and Link are two guys who are, well, just very funny. They don’t rely on offensive language for their comedy, and they are just very likeable individuals. GMM has been going on for over a year now, and I’ve been progressing slowly through the archives this past month. It is a great way to start your day off, and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve even embedded the video here because I’m that enthusiastic about it!


If the video isn’t visible for you, here’s the direct link.

And that’s it really. Zombies, more zombies and then some Youtube comedy (proper comedy however, not that stuff that masquerades as it). What can I say? I’m living the high life, me!


5 thoughts on “Ouch, That Looks Painful”

  1. If you still need your zombie fix you could try Dead island, it’s a little aged now however it has similar aspects to farcry 3, with the character development stuff. Plenty of hoards of zombies to batter in that game. Most of it is up close and personal as guns and ammo seem to be very hard to find.

    You can pick up season 3 of walking dead on in2streams.com however the quality and load times could be better.

    1. Good shout. I must admit I’ve picked Dead Island up at the shops a few times, but I’ve never been able to take that next step and actually buy it. Mixed reviews have put me off it I suppose. Have you played the sequel?

      All right thanks, I’ll check it out. Better than nothing!

      1. I looked at the youtube video’s for it however as i kinda gave up mid way through dead isle i didn’t want to spoil the end of the game by playing the 2nd. The video’s make it to be a direct carry on from the first.Yep, no sex with a fit lady who knife you in the chest at then end in dead island i’m guessing

      2. Hmm. Well when I’ve got some cash I might get it.

        Looked at The Walking Dead games too…ah, so many zombie games! Don’t know which one to get!

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