I Don’t Believe It!

So, yesterday wasn’t too bad really. In the afternoon, I managed to entertain myself with some Halo 4 (getting quite good at it now; I like it because you don’t need sound to play it) and my book (the one I’m writing, not the one I’m reading). Then Vanna came home with her mother, who treated us to dinner at Billy’s (this place on the road to Pequot Lakes that we’ve wanted to try out for a while). They weren’t overly impressed but I enjoyed my burger. I might complain about American food not being as good as British food, but I am happy to admit defeat when it comes to burgers. We may have better meat (Aberdeen Angus, nuff said), but I don’t think we’ll ever be able to compete when it comes to taste. USA will win that round 9 times out of 10 (and I don’t mean McDonalds).

Anyway, after Billy’s Vanna had to go back to work, so her mother and I went for some beers at the Irish pub in Brainerd while we waited for her. It was a…lively place. They had Karaoke going on the whole time we were there, so I shut off my ears and just watched the people, who were…lively too. What I didn’t do was look to my left, because there was a woman and a man there who kept staring at me (the woman was smiling…the man was not). Eventually I turned towards them, and asked me if I was Justin Bieber (I’d just shaved my face). Hmm. Well, I’ve heard worse (not much worse mind you).

Fortunately, Vanna texted to say she needed picking up before I was asked to sing Baby, Baby, Baby (is that the name of the song? I must admit my knowledge of the Bieber is bordering on non-existent). We left the bar unscathed, grabbed Vanna, and headed home.

All in all, not a bad day.

There was one sour note, however (what the title refers to).

Vanna was with her cousin yesterday afternoon. And she went to see a film. Okay, cool, I’m thinking. What did you go see? Some romance or something? One of those films I have no interest in seeing? Something like that?

Nope. She went to see a film that a) she had no interest in seeing when I offered it to her last week (which is how we ended up watching Superman) and b) was something I really, really, really wanted to see.

And she loved it.

Well, isn’t that typical? All I heard last night was about how amazing it was, and how she was so glad to see it. Humph.

What film did she see? World War Z.  Sounds more like an Alex film than a Vanna film, doesn’t it? (if you don’t know the difference, Vanna films must have Ryan Gosling in, but no action. Alex films can have Ryan Gosling in, but they must have action in there too)

Needless to say, I was rather miffed when I learned that news. And Vanna can’t claim ignorance either; she knew exactly what she was doing by going to see World War Z without me. This is the exact message I got from her yesterday afternoon (while I was sitting at home, alone):

…seeing WWZ


That, my friends, is the text of a ‘feeling guilty but not guilty enough to care’ person, of that there is no doubt (calling my inner Alan Partridge with that line).

But I’ll get my revenge on Tuesday. Not only do I plan to drink (which Vanna can’t do because she isn’t legal, so haha), I’m also going mini-golfing! So ha! How do like those apples?

And on that bombshell (hello Mr Partridge, the man from whom Top Gear stole from), I must go. Bye bye!



* If you don’t know who Alan Partridge is, then just assume I was going mad (crazy, not angry) at the end of the post. It’ll probably make just as much sense.



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