Giving Blood And Walking Dogs (Pictures!)

Photography On The Citadel

Vanna gave blood yesterday, and I was right there with her, by her side…taking pictures. Before that, we went to HART, an animal rescue centre in Brainerd, to see the cats and dogs looking for a home. I also took pictures of our visit there.


Petting the cats

(Vanna was very excited about this part)



Walking the dogs


Adorable, yes, but Boomer was not so impressive when it came to the game of fetch.

Time to give blood!

Getting prepared…(look at all the stuff she had to read!)


On the table…


Well done Vanna, I was very proud of you yesterday for doing this! (I couldn’t give blood even if I wanted to because I was ineligible)

Enjoying her snacks

(root beer float, cookies and a chili dog. I uh, also had snacks)



But that’s not all…

Now, we had quite a busy and productive day yesterday, and…

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