Bowling Vanna Over (Not Literally!)

So we didn’t go to the arboretum on Thursday. Or do anything else I mentioned we’d do on Wednesday’s blog. Except for one thing of course…(it seems a little bit pointless doing the dramatic ellipses as I’ve given it away in the title, but oh well)…BOWLING!

I haven’t bowled for a good three years (and I can’t say I was particularly good then; initially I was, but slowly I went downhill), and Vanna used to be quite good (winning little league form, she tells me), so I wasn’t expecting much whatsoever. And, after my second bowl ended with two gutter balls, my fears seemed to be right on the money. But, somehow, I won the first game.


Then I won the second, getting probably my best ever score (not impressive, but I feel it is respectable).


And I won the third too!


Vanna was obviously devastated, while I was obviously rather pleased with myself. Not really at the ‘I’m going to go pro!’ stage of arrogance, but definitely confident enough to play better people. I’ve got an uncanny ability to throw the ball straight (which is harder than it sounds), so once I get some consistency (I often throw without really thinking/concentrating) and eradicate those gutter balls…I reckon I could do pretty well. My problem is that I don’t seem to get many strikes or spares (Thursday was the first time I’ve ever got a strike…I think), as my first bowl tends to wipe out 8 or 9, but not the full set. Though getting 8 or 9 is quite good on the face of it, it doesn’t really add up to very impressive scores.

Oh well. I enjoyed myself, anyway, so I’m glad I went. Between the bowling wins and the mini golf victory, I’m on quite a high at the moment. If only there were some pool tables nearby, or perhaps a dartboard…hmm. I suppose I’ll settle for Halo 4. I’m not bad on that either…

Right, I suppose I should stop my mediocre bragging and get ready. Vanna has to go to work early this morning, which means I have to get up early too. *sigh* Hopefully she won’t have to be there long so we can do something fun…like go bowling again, perhaps. Hmm.

Anyway, speak to you later!

Victory Shout! Yeah!


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