ValleyFair, ValleyFair, ValleyFair!

Guess where we are going today!

…Don’t look at the title, or forget you looked at it to make this an interesting guessing game. What, I warned you too late and you can’t forget? Well, just pretend!

Ahem. Anyway. Take a guess!

Arboretum? Nope, don’t think we’ll be going there this summer (as with a lot of things, we just ran out of time; we almost felt like Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried at times).

Bowling? Nah, I’ve already beat Vanna and I don’t think she’ll be able to handle another comprehensive defeat.

Give up?

All right, I’ll tell you!

We’re going to ValleyFair today!

Woo! And I have literally (one of the rare times I’ll use this word) five minutes to this before we’re leaving, so this is all I really have time to say. Playing that guessing game was all I had time to do (I guess I could have done something more constructive, but eh…too late now!), so, uh, I hope you enjoyed it!

I’ll take as many pictures as possible (probably of queues, but at least it’ll be more glamorous than the last theme park I went too…) if I can (Vanna is saying the term “water rides” to me quite a lot…might not be safe) and upload them sometime this week. No promises of when though; Vanna has to work Tuesday and Wednesday (my last two full days in Minnesota) and I don’t have internet there.

Anyway, Vanna is shouting at me so I best go. Bye!


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