The Conjuring

A week ago my friends and I went to the theater and watched The Conjuring.
To save me trying (and failing) to explain the movie, here is the trailer:


I really enjoyed the film. It is rare to find a horror film with a great combination of acting, plot, and cliches.
– To start, Vera Farmiga has recently grown to be one of my favorite actresses, especially after I started watching her in The Bates Motel. Her acting, as well as the rest of the cast, was very well done, which already makes The Conjuring in a separate class from most scary movies.

– The plot was well written, and didn’t involve loop-holes or unanswered questions, which often happens in horror films. It seems the directors focus on the suspense rather than the plot and amount of cliches and cheese they add in the process. The Conjuring was far from cheesy; sure it had its moments of cheese, as a lot of films do, but it was done in a way which didn’t make you think any less of the suspense or the film.

– The suspense was great; my friend, Meghan, actually screamed while in the theater. It had great “jumpy” moments and kept you engaged and scarred the entire time. I am usually pretty hard to scare when it comes to horror films, but this movie had me freaked out. Definitely not one I could watch home alone.

– My only complaint was the ending. I wasn’t a total fan of the last few minutes. The style did not match the rest of the film, and left me with a “Meh..” feeling when it was finished.

The result?
Horror Movies: 5 / 5
Films in general: 3.5 / 5

I’d recommend it to any movie lover that can handle suspense and fright.



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