The nest from afar. So glad that isn’t OUR window.. sorry neighbors.

Found this a few days ago right above where I park my car.
I’ve had this daydream that it is going to come loose and crash onto my car while I am inside…with the sunroof window open. Yikes!
Its so incredible how well they construct their homes, but I would rather they do it somewhere else.
Our landlord says he will knock it down eventually; I don’t mind as long as they stay away from my car, and don’t start rebuilding near my windows.



2 thoughts on “Bees!”

  1. Your a braver girl than i am. They say that wasps can sense fear. /This would be the time i’d invite a boy around and before he’s had time to take off his coat, i’d point him towards the problem.
    Nice work with the camera, i’d need a tripod to stop it from being blurred.

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