Pictures From Alnwick!

Photography On The Citadel

Today, we went up to Barter Books in Alnwick to trade in some unwanted books for credit. The last time I went there, I managed to trade my entire bag of books (this rarely happens, so I was rather boastful about it on the blog) for £30. I wasn’t expecting this to happen again (I can’t be that lucky, surely), but, to my surprise, I was once more handed an empty bag, and given another £30.

Wahey! Not bad, eh?

Of course, it is all gone now; I immediately spent it on more books. Like last time.


But, in my defence, I didn’t do what I did last time, and replace the 15 books I’d just sold with another dozen, making the trip somewhat futile (the aim, remember, was to lighten the load for the imminent house move). Oh no. This time, I sold around 20, and…

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2 thoughts on “Pictures From Alnwick!”

  1. 1st it’s Strawberry Salad’s, and now we’ve got Strawberry Lounges?!? Whatever will be next?
    (Em it’s a little doorway next to the Grannies Shop photo)

    Besides that, i do love these little villages that have held onto the past so well. How did you end up finding this place?


    1. Good spot! Never noticed that, and I was there. Clearly, Strawberries are the in thing.

      Alnwick is a fairly big town (misleading, I know) north of me. It’s quite well known for the castle and gardens.

      If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’d recognize the castle courtyard.

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