Rain? What Are You Doing Here?

After a few months of beautiful weather (both here, and in Minnesota), I’ve finally been given a good, old British “welcome home” in the form of torrential downpours. Downpours that started early this morning and have yet to finish (and in fact, have increased in ferocity since 4pm). How lovely.

Typically, I did actually have plans for day, which, of course, involved going outside. My aunt and uncle had invited me out to Crook Hall this afternoon, but we had to give that idea a rain check (and not for the first time either; we tried visiting before, only to discover the place wasn’t open. Clearly, some higher power does not want us going) thanks to, well, the rain.

Instead we just went out for lunch, which was very nice (I had a spicy chicken burger, and a bottle of cider; how I’ve missed cider…). And although I didn’t get any pictures of Crook Hall (the link to their website will have to satiate your curiosity for now; notice how lovely and not rainy it looks on the pictures), I did get a couple of yours truly, because, if there is one thing blog definitely needs, it is more pictures of my face.

What else can I say?

Oh yes.

You’re welcome.

Note the "waterproof" coat. I was prepared...for a passing rain cloud.
Note the “waterproof” coat. I was prepared…for a passing rain cloud.
Smug, or just creepy? You decide.


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