I’m A Victim Of Sod’s Law Today

Today was the start of the new Premier League season, and so far I’ve watched two of the three games I planned out yesterday. And though it’s been an exciting beginning, I, typically, have missed out on the best bits.

Why? (I’m pretending you care) Because Sod’s Law (Murphy’s Law to you Americans). The World hates me.


How? (I’m still pretending) Well, let me explain…


1st incident of Sod’s Law: Liverpool v Stoke. I went on the stationary bike early in order to watch this (cycling on an empty stomach is not fun…), and I was rewarded with a fairly entertaining game; there was a first half goal for Liverpool, then in the last few minutes Stoke were awarded a penalty, only for them to mess up the chance to equalize by missing it.  Very interesting, right?

Well, not for me. My stream went down halfway through the first half. And guess what I missed? That’s right, the goal.


Then, the person uploading the second stream I tried, forgot they had a reminder for a different show. So, just before the game ended, it switched over to some Spanish channel. Which of course meant I didn’t see the penalty miss either!

How fantastic. The two most significant events in the game, and I miss both of them. Humph.

But, I tell myself, that was bad luck. Surely it won’t happen again!


2nd Incident of Sod’s Law: Sunderland V Fulham.

Well, it didn’t. But that’s only because this game was so incredibly tedious, there wasn’t anything to miss. Sure, Fulham scored…but that was it. It was not a game worth watching.

But you know what was? The other game that I was incredibly tempted to stick on instead. Oh, that game was super; there were four goals, a red card, two penalties…best game of the day, that one.


But no, I chose to watch the local team play. Give them my support instead. What a waste of time.

Humph. I’m beginning to think I built this day up too much. It’s just been one big disappointment so far, with all my excitement slowly on the wane (of course, it’ll be back tomorrow for when Chelsea play).

Oh well. Hopefully the third game will be better. Knowing my luck so far, it’ll be a 0 – 0 bore draw. Hmm.




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