Time Goes By Quickly, But Not Quick Enough…

So, it’s been a month now since I left America (and more importantly, Vanna), and, well, it isn’t getting any easier being apart. In fact, it just gets worse (somehow, the first week wasn’t so bad as there was enough going on here to distract me. Now that the novelty of being home is over…it’s all downhill from here).

Sure, there are some positives; this week, Vanna will send our form off, and because she diligently asked for help from the government, the application fee has been waived ($340 saved!). So that’s pretty good.

And we have Christmas to look forward to. Barring a catastrophe (which, with Vanna’s car slowly falling apart, can’t be too far away), that should go ahead. And that’s also good, because being alone at Christmas (the most romantic time of the year; who doesn’t like being with someone at winter?) would be just awful. It’d be cold and snowy and dark (well, for Vanna in Minnesota it will be; for us, it’ll just be mild and possibly a small bit of snow…but it will be dark, so I’m not completely wrong)!), so not having anyone to snuggle with will just make us miserable.

But even if that does go ahead, there is still three and a half months to endure first. And if the past month is any indication, they are going to be tortuously slow. And (again, providing Vanna is coming over) there will be a good chance that I’ll be working at Christmas (an optimistic thought; nothing much going on whatsoever in the job search department), meaning we won’t get that much time together. At least this summer I was able to come with Vanna to work; I very much doubt Vanna will be allowed that luxury over here. So, as a result, our quality time is going to be heavily restricted. And before we know it, she’ll be going home. And then we’ll have to wait however long it takes for the guys in Texas to accept our Fiancée Visa application. Hopefully it won’t take too long, but I’m not fooling myself; 6 months is the very least we should expect. And even if it is just (just, just!) 6 months, you just know it’ll take agessssssssssss (extra s’s for emphasis) to pass.

Bah. I’m sorry. It’s that Monday feeling, isn’t it? Regardless of whether you work or not, there is something unpleasant about Mondays. It just brings you down. Ah well. I’m sure I’ll get over it. After all, there is more football* on tonight! What more can you ask for? (…Well, quite a lot, but for now, I’ll settle for an entertaining 90 minutes of Man City v Newcastle.

On a brighter note, Vanna sent me these pictures of the two of us, and I think they are good enough to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Eyes closed. Take note; this is a recurring theme.
Still closed…
Ahem. Still shut.
Open, but not by much.
Vanna told me to open my eyes more. So I went to the other extreme; creepy stare!
Despite the tongue, this is less creepy than the last one. Somehow.
Um. Never mind.
Well…at least Vanna looks adorable. Not so much in this picture, admittedly, but in the other ones…


I’ll be back tomorrow with a more positive review of my Summer in America. No whining about time, I promise!


*I know you’re wondering about how the football went on Sunday, so I’ll quickly tell you that Chelsea beat Hull City comfortably. It was a satisfactory day on the football side of things. I bet that’s a weight off your mind!


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