Nothing Happening…So Here’s Some Cat Pictures!

Much like yesterday, today has just been one of those days where nothing significant has happened. Sure, I enjoyed them, but I can’t say I did anything special that would be interesting to, well, anyone. No real excitement, nothing worth talking about…just an ordinary couple of days. Friday I Xboxed, did some writing and applied for a few jobs (nothing exciting on that front either; no astronaut positions in Durham, unfortunately), while today I watched the football (still am in fact; plan it right and you can be watching it for hours and hours!) and later, I’ll probably write and Xbox again. Very laidback, very…plain.

But I couldn’t let the blog be forgotten for two days in a row, could I? Oh no. I wanted to blog, I just didn’t have anything to blog about. So, after wracking my brains for a while (five minutes, tops…but it was a well thought five minutes!) in the hope I’d come up with something interesting (I didn’t), I decided to fall back onto my usual crutch in these types of situations…and take pictures of Splat.

Oh yes. Half an hour ago, I got out my camera and pestered poor Splatty into posing for me. Why? Because I believe you’ll be too busy thinking about how cute Splat is to realize I’m just using her to mask my laziness.

Ahem…so, uh, enjoy!

And that’s all I have. Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to discuss tomorrow. Fingers crossed!





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