A Christmas To Look Forward To

There have been talks (sounds important now, doesn’t it?) over the past few days about what is going to happen at Christmas. More specifically, we’ve tried to determine what will happen this winter, taking into consideration what is best for everyone involved (Vanna, me, my family) as well as other influencing factors such as work commitments, accommodation etc. And this morning we’ve arrived at a solution that I am very, very, very excited about. Of course, nothing is 100% confirmed just yet (we haven’t bought flight tickets or anything like that; it’ll still probably a few months until that happens), and we are aware that it might not work out perfectly (situations change, etc)…but for now, we have a general outline. And it’s a very exciting general outline.

The main problem we had was balancing everybody’s needs. A week or so ago, I spoke about Vanna’s intentions to come across at Christmas, and that was something we definitely wanted to do. It’ll be two years this December since Vanna was last in England, so she’s obviously very keen to see the North East again (surprising, I know). Being her will also give her the opportunity to see my family and friends, which is especially important as this will probably be her last time in the country for an even longer time than two years, providing our marriage application goes though. Consequently, it’s important for her to be here.

More importantly, I can offload some of the books I no longer want to her. So, you know, it works well for the both of us.

There are some disadvantages, however. We wouldn’t have our own place, for one. And this bungalow would get mighty small if there was four of us rattling around it (and that’s not even including Splat!). Furthermore, our quality time will probably be restricted (depending on work commitments), while Vanna obviously won’t have her wage* coming in to help fund our trips (I want to take her to Edinburgh, and we’re hoping to go south too), meaning the ‘small house, too many people‘ syndrome we’re going to suffer from will no doubt be exacerbated further. So though it is a nice idea on paper, it isn’t really a practical solution.

Another factor is value for money. After having two 3 month periods together, 1 month doesn’t seem adequate. Yet the price will be exactly the same. The logical conclusion, then, is for me to go back over there. That way there won’t be much disruption, as the more settled person can continue as normal (it’ll be easier for me to finish a temp job than for Vanna to take time off). And of course, we’d have our own place. Vanna can keep control, and my family aren’t put out. It works for everyone.

But that doesn’t satisfy one very important condition; Vanna’s desire to come over here. Even if it was only for a few weeks, it wouldn’t concern her. She just wants to experience the UK again, and given how I’ve had my way over the past two summers, it would be unfair of me to stop her.

So we had a think. And finally we came up with a solution that, though expensive, would satisfy everyone involved. It was perfect! We would just do both; Vanna can come over here, and I’ll go over there (but not at the same time; we aren’t doing a life swap thing)!

How will that work? I hear you ask.

Well, it’s simple. Let me give you a rough breakdown (as I said earlier, we don’t have the specifics just yet):

  1. Vanna comes over here just before Christmas, probably around the 20th.
  2. We spend Christmas and New Year here, see who we want to see, do what we want to do etc.
  3. Early January, we leave together (this is the bit I actually like most; the idea of flying with her instead of being alone is like the best thing ever) for Minnesota.
  4. I spend the next 3 months in America. We get to have our birthdays together, as well as Valentine’s day.
  5. I return home sometime in March, and get saving up again.

You can see why I’m excited, right? It’s a big financial commitment, but we believe we can manage. We can save money on flights, for example, as being together means the possibility of a long layover won’t be as daunting. Either way, it’ll be worth it. So yeah, I’m excited.

Hopefully this plan will go ahead (if you haven’t crossed your fingers for us before, you should do so now!). My aim is to get some work in the next few months (applied for some more temp jobs today) to put some much-needed money in my account, while Vanna’s goal is to arrange her life to suit this schedule. If it works, then we’ll get to spend just short of four months, which will be the longest time we’ve had together. No breaks! We’ll even travel together…like a normal couple! How great is that? I tend to avoid cursing on my blog, but the possibility of this happening makes me f-ing happy. If I could only smile in text format…oh wait.


There we go.

So, that’s that. Beats pictures of an orange cat, right?

…Speaking of which, Splat has a new cat bed! I know, exciting right? If you’re lucky, I’ll get my camera out so you can see it too! I bet you can’t wait…(hey, it can’t be wonderful news like this every day)



*As far as I’m aware, Vanna can’t look after her clients from the other side of the ocean. Though it is only a minor, teeny tiny, detail, I reckon the 4,000 miles of water will raise some issues, For one, the commute would just be a nightmare. Not only expensive, it’d take over 10 hours just to get there! Definitely not worth it. Darn.


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