Hemlock Grove

Have any of you heard of Hemlock Grove? Vanna asked (forced) me to watch it, and I must admit I was rather impressed by what I saw. Essentially, it is a horror thriller T.V series produced by Eli Roth (who knows a fair bit about horror!) and stars…well, no one you’ve probably heard of (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; none of them have struck me as bad actors yet), and uh, it’s pretty cool.

The only downside to Hemlock Grove that it is a Netflix exclusive, so without a subscription you can’t watch it. But I’ve got an account, so, you know, at least I’m golden.

What’s it about?

Well, I don’t really know yet. There is a super rich family (using their money to do nasty experiments? Possibly) who are so weird that the mutant daughter, with her rasping and freakish eye (but the weird breathing is definitely the worst of it…), is probably the most normal member. The mother might not actually be human (I should add that there are supernatural elements to Hemlock Grove…but they’re good), while the son has some sort of blood fetish. And looks a bit like a young Steve Buscemi. But after a rough start (I thought he was a tool), I can’t deny that I quite like him.

Then, in addition to the Godfreys (the aforementioned creepy rich family), you have two gypsies; a mother and a son. The son, Peter, going against his mother’s wishes, starts hanging out with Roman Godfrey (the blood loving fellow I mentioned before), but it does little to help his popularity at school, as everybody thinks he’s a werewolf (I bet we can all sympathise with that; who hasn’t been accused of changing when there is a full moon?). And everyone thinks Roman is weird anyway, so I suppose it was inevitable he’d still be the freak (I think the girl gets away with it easy in comparison). But yeah, Peter is probably my favourite character.

As for the plot, the main deal at the moment (as well as learning about these guys, of course) is the brutal murder of a teenage girl (who had just happened to be with Roman earlier that day…). Yeah. She was chased and ripped apart by something on four legs. Naturally, Peter, with the whole werewolf thing going on, is the main suspect. But on the plus side for Peter, Roman believes his story, and together they are going to find out who the real culprit is.

And that’s about as far as I got last night. I have only watched two episodes, so I don’t think that is a bad summary of the events so far (there are a few things I missed out, but I did that deliberately to avoid spoiling it). Though it is a little strange, I am enjoying it. Had I not wanted to write last night, I probably would have watched a third, and maybe then a fourth, episode.

Point is, Hemlock Grove has definitely whetted my appetite so far. After fifteen minutes, I was, at the very least, intruiged. For once, I have to give Vanna credit. American Horror Story wasn’t for me, but she’s got it right with Hemlock Grove. It might not have done well critically (pft, reviews! Just listen to what I have to say instead), but it has impressed me.

More so than Under The Dome, which is still failing to excite. I watched the second episode on Monday and it was better than the first…but still, nothing great. Too many changes. My dad isn’t overly enamoured with it either, and he’s less picky than I am, so clearly it’s not just me who thinks the T.V show has varied too far from the novel. And even more damning, Sue, who hasn’t read the book, isn’t won over either. So yeah, it’s not working at the moment.

But as I said before I’m going to stick with it, because it keeps me busy at 10pm on a Monday night for an hour. And at least now I have Hemlock Grove to offer some entertainment compensation (a new term I’ve just coined…use it and make it the next best thing!). So that’s something.

Anybody else watched it? Thoughts?



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