Sick Kitty

Vanna here.

Not much has been going on since Alex left. My only news, unfortunately, is bad news: kitty is sick.

I hadn’t noticed until last week when she had multiple coughing fits.
They were absolutely torture for me to watch, knowing I couldn’t help her in any way…just sit there and watch her cough herself to exhaustion.
I was very concerned; coughing can be a sign of so many different illnesses in cats, some of which are life threatening. If I were to lose her, I’d be completely devastated. She is my world right now since Alex is no longer here…she’s keeping me sane.
Finally on Wednesday we were able to get into the veterinarian to have her examined.
-Pneumonia due to aspiration (could have been vomit, something outside, etc.).
Luckily they have antibiotics to solve such problems. On vet’s orders, kitty is not allowed outside for 2 weeks until she is reexamined and it is confirmed that the pneumonia is gone.

I don’t know who is suffering more, me or her. Kitty hasn’t been adjusting well at all, especially at night.
It has been hell. Constant crying, ripping of carpets, knocking down things, biting my feet while I’m sleeping, batting at my face, etc. Complete tantrums; sleeping has been impossible.
Last night she decided to rip out my bookmark and chew it up as a revenge tactic…a new low, even for her.

To make matters worse, I have to giver her a pill every morning which involves restraining her and shoving it down her throat.
Yeah, I am now enemy number one.

Hopefully in two weeks she will be healthy again so this madness can stop. When I get to the point of frustration where I’m ready to throw her outside, I look at this picture and remind myself that she is sometimes adorable and affectionate.
This picture is saving her from a load of trouble right now.

Look at her little face! Aww

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