You’re Not Getting Out Again, Splat

So, Splat escaped last night. We got her back easily enough, but it was a bold move from Splat, and a reminder of what she can do when she’s left to her own devices.

Too late to look innocent now. We’re onto you!

We had been warned earlier, however. Several times we had caught her on the fence…



And here.

…but we naively assumed that was as far as she would go, and she wouldn’t jump over (Splat even cried for help as if she couldn’t get back down by herself…crafty, very crafty) onto the other side. Of course, we were wrong, and Splat abused our trust by going into next door’s garden.

You got us this time, Splat.

We can’t have that happening again, so today we took action.

Now, the fence on the other side of the garden is a lot smaller than the two Splat has climbed, but so far, she has failed to breach it. This is because we’ve lined the top with green wire (the stuff we used for the cat pen we made for Splat last year, before she was allowed full garden access), which stops her from jumping onto the fence top.

No getting past that.

As it’s worked so well there, what’s stopping it from doing the same job on the other fences? So, we cut a section off, and stretched it along the rest of the perimeter.

Not as impressive, but it should be enough to dissuade her.

We also got rid of the rockery thing that was in corner of the garden, which is what we presume (unfortunately we’ve never caught her in the act) Splat was using to get herself up onto the fence.

Not sure what we’ll do with it now; perhaps put in some wildflowers.

But all the stones and bricks from the rockery thing didn’t go to waste, as my dad used them to create a monument for Sue I used them to create this monument to Vanna. Because, you know, I’m such a wonderful guy.

So yeah…hopefully these latest measures will stop Splat from getting out again. Without trying to sound too boastful, we’re rather impressed with our efforts (especially that lovely monument I totally built). Frankly, I bet even the guys who built Alcatraz think we’re pretty good.


Well, one thing that is certain; Splat isn’t very happy about it.

Watching, and thinking. But this time, your thinking will get you nowhere!

It’s not all bad for Splat, however. Yesterday she also proved that she is a predator (if you recall, that status was temporarily revoked) by hunting, and killing, a mouse.

Her trophy kill.

According to my dad, she continued to bat it around the floor long after it was dead.

…she’s a wonderful cat, isn’t she?




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