New Car!

As some of you may know, my car is a pile of junk. I have had nothing but bad luck in the one year I’ve owned it. I can’t complain much as I only paid $500 (which basically just covered the cost of the tires) for it, but either way I have had a hate-hate relationship with it since day 1.
I could go into a list of all of it’s malfunctions, but it would be never ending and time consuming.
Things have been looking pretty grim lately financially. As you may know, Alex and I plan to meet up for Christmas in the UK; this obviously comes with a cost. We are saving up for the plane ticket, as well as the bills I will have to pay while I am away ($550 rent and $200 of loan payments), not to mention I will be out of work for those 4 weeks, so I will be very poor when I return.
Despite the hardship, it will be 100% worth it as long as I get to spend time with Alex. I miss him so much my heart literally aches.
I cannot wait  until we’re married and I’ll have him forever! (mwahaha)

Things took a turn for the better last night when my grandma contacted me saying that they had found a good deal on a car, and they would be willing to cover the costs! They, along with the rest of my family, are concerned that my current car is going to strand me (again) or kill me in some dramatic way. This concern is apparently deep enough to buy me a car!
I was resistant at first, as I don’t particularly like to take hand-outs and take advantage of other people’s financial stability, but after some reassurance, I finally gave in (I plan on slowly paying her back with monthly payments).

My grandparents will be driving it up to me on Saturday, and I plan on scraping my pile of junk the following Monday (hoping to get at least $200 for it)!I am SO excited to finally have a car that I can drive without praying beforehand.

Some of the wonderful features that my car didn’t have:
-no rust
-mint condition, inside and out
-power mirrors (will definitely be appreciated! Mine currently are unable to be adjusted, even manually…)
-outside temperature/compass
-CD player!!! Yes!!
-4-wheel drive (Ever since my experience last winter I vowed to never again own a car without 4-wheel drive)

This is why...
This is why…


It is a 2000 Chevy blazer – black in color. I am so excited to have a car that is actually is younger than me.

As seen here, modeled by my grandpa.
As seen here, modeled by my grandpa.
Look at those headlights!
Look at those headlights!


All I need now is a name! (I plan on following my current theme of LOST characters)

– Vanna


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