Pictures Of Vanna’s New Car

Vanna took some photos of her car last evening, and because she will be busy at work today, I offered to upload them for her. It’s the first proper look I’ve had at the car, so I was happy to do it.

I would like to offer some comments at this stage, but all I know is what you can see in the photos. So…there we go. Enjoy!

From the front
Still cleanish. Well done, Vanna.
Yeah, modern!
Car seat is for her job, nothing more, so stop your worrying.
Cup holder. Yeah!
In a few months you’ll be able to see me sitting there!
Well, the inside is clean.
Split into two. Handy.
Gee Vanna, could have tidied it up first!
Vanna’s very pleased with this; special chair feature!

And that’s about it. Vanna’s very happy with it, which is the most important thing. The ride is smooth, it does decent mileage, and unlike her old car, can be relied upon in all weathers. It is unlikely to break down or, you know, blow up. So that’s a relief.

Have a wonderful Friday!













2 thoughts on “Pictures Of Vanna’s New Car”

  1. Ok i’m slightly concerned. Why do you have a child seat in the back of the car?
    Do love the overhead compartments however. Wish i had somewhere to put my sunnies when i’m driving.

    1. One of Vanna’s clients is a young boy, so she uses that to get him around. Don’t worry, the other possible reason for having a child seat is (hopefully) a long way off….

      Yes, very handy. Quite a few little gadgets Vanna is happy with in the new car. A/C is probably her favourite.

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