They’re Back!

After a week away on the Isle Of Skye, the folk are home! Though I was enjoying the freedom granted to me (can’t beat watching what you want in the living room, and blasting your music late at night…it’s the simple pleasures), I’m happy to see them back. Why? Two main reasons:

  1. I’ve run out of food.
  2. Splat’s litter needs changing.

Food first. Except for a tin of beans and half a loaf of bread, I got nothing. The curries, lasagnas and chili con carnes are all gone. If they didn’t come today, I’d have to actually go out to the shops and buy something. *Shudder* How awful.

Now for Splat. You see, I like animals. I like dogs and I like cats. I’ll pet them, take them for walks, help them out of trees, and even feed them (despite the smell of their food making me gag). What I won’t do, however, is pick up poop. This is why I’ll never have a pet, and any animals we do have in the future, will be Vanna’s responsibility (she knows this; if I had my way, we probably wouldn’t have a pet…except for maybe a snake). Anya is the current example; her litter box upstairs is, and always will be, Vanna’s territory (in return, I kill all spiders on the property).

I don’t think there should be any exceptions to this rule but it was a close thing this week. I only just got away with it. Had they came home tomorrow, I suspect I would have had to act. And that wouldn’t be a good thing, for either myself or Splat (I won’t go into it…not around teatime).

To conclude, freedom is good and everything, but when it comes to certain things, there is something to be said for having someone else around (I bet Vanna is reading this and looking forward to our life together even more than before!) to help out. Especially when it comes to animal bodily functions.


So yeah…welcome back dad and Sue!


P.S. Toilet duties aside, Splat was treated well this week. I was expecting her to jump straight up when they came through the door, but she stayed by me instead. Clearly I was doing something right!



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