The Killing: So Good, It Was More Important Than Eating And Sleeping

My blog post on The Killing (it isn’t really a review, and I’ll explain why very shortly) has been a long time coming. Initially, I had more pressing things to talk about (like my very interesting bus journey…) once I finished the series, and then after that…, well, I forgot about it momentarily. But here we are, and I’m going to carefully write the next 500 or so words ( Edit: ha, more like a 1000, suckers!).

Why? The simplest explanation is that I don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to spoil The Killing because I want you, if you haven’t already, to start watching it once you’ve finished reading this. I know I have recommended many things in the past, but The Killing is the one I’m going to be most forceful about. You. Must. Watch. It! Some may believe it is not as good as the original (I’m talking about the US remake here), but it was a show I really, really, really, really enjoyed. Unfortunately, if I tell you why I enjoyed it, then I would ruin it.

How? Because even if I speak in the most vaguest of terms, it’ll send your mind in directions that might hamper your…appreciation of the show. I know because this happened to me, when Vanna mentioned how one episode made her cry. I didn’t know what this referred to, but immediately I was prepared for something I shouldn’t have been prepared for. And with this being a crime drama, I don’t really want to give any hints towards the murderer, or how the plot was so good because [REDACTED]. Why I liked, nay loved, The Killing essentially goes hand in hand with potential spoilers.

It’s like if I reviewed a Scooby Doo episode, and told you ‘Oh man, that episode was so great. I’m telling you, you’ll be amazed. The ghost right, it was the person you’ll least expect. Your mind will be blown!‘  You’re then going to watch it with that thought in mind, and start believing the ghost was the janitor you saw in the opening five seconds. This will inevitably turn out to be true (it was always the janitor, wasn’t it? Sometimes they’d thrown in a curveball to keep their formula a secret, but otherwise it was always the fella you saw and instantly forgot about), and the ending surprise will be ruined thanks to me trying to persuade you to watch it. Simply put, I can’t tell you why The Killing is good; you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So, what can I say?

Okay, um, the three seasons I’ve seen (unfortunately, it looks like the fourth has been cancelled, but Vanna and I are holding out hope it might be revived), primarily follow homicide detectives Sarah Lindon, and her partner Steven Holder. There is also a lot of subplots involving the other main characters, such as the Larson family (the girl killed is the daughter), and Councillor Richmond (who is running for mayor) and his campaign team as he finds himself entangled in the Larson girl’s death. All in all, there are lots of things going on, and though the plot is very good on its own, it is the characters, and their lives, that really drive it forward.

I suppose I’ll have to leave the synopsis at that, as I can’t really say much more about the seasons because I’ll end up signalling what has already happened, and as I’ve already stated several times, I don’t want to do that. To use another analogy (because I like to make my point and then continue to make it for another two paragraphs), it would be like outlining how in Spider-man 2, Harry tries to avenge the death of his father; now you’re going to have a rough idea of what happened in Spider-man 1 (this shouldn’t be a spoiler for you because you should have already seen these films by now; if not, I pity you). All you need to know is that the body of a teenage girl is found, and Lindon, on her final day before she leaves the police force, has to begin the investigation. Now go and watch the rest yourself!

Hold on, I probably should say something else.

I realize that I haven’t said much to persuade you, and most of this post is about how spoilers are bad. For that, I apologize. The reality is I could write thousands and thousands of words on why I think The Killing is such a fantastic show, but it would be overwhelming. I wouldn’t know where to begin, and trying to voice my thoughts without giving the storyline away would be incredibly tricky. Once you’ve all watched it and reported back, I’ll let loose. Until then, I’ll try to sum up as best as I can in the paragraph below.

The Killing is the most addicting thing that I’ve ever watched, even more so than Lost, which is a show both Vanna and I hold dear to our hearts. I found The Killing incredibly compelling, and the characters were not just believable, but people I cared about. I felt their losses, and I cared about their lives. The Larson family, for example, offered insight into the lives of a family who had someone close to them snatched away, and it was captivating to watch their struggles to deal with their grief. In addition to this, the show offered everything you would want from a crime drama; there was mystery, suspense, drama….it had it all. And despite the case going on for a long time (I’m not going to elaborate, sorry), it never got ridiculous (which I cannot deny, even though I love it, Lost did), or boring. Each episode captivated, and left you wanting more. Of course, The Killing wasn’t perfect (for me, season 3 could have been better), but it was pretty darn close. The first season in particular, ranks very highly with me, with season 2 perhaps even better.

Overall score? 9.5/10.

Need more convincing?

I think the fact I spent 6 hours straight watching The Killing tells you everything you need to know. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I don’t think I have an addictive personality, but I was hooked on The Killing. All I wanted to do was watch it. I didn’t want to write my book (rare), I didn’t want to go on my Xbox (even rarer), I didn’t want to do anything until I learned the truth about Rosie Larson. I even forgot about my tea at one stage, such was my reluctance to leave my computer screen. I was obsessed, and more importantly, I wasn’t disappointed when it was all revealed (well I was, but for other reasons…it was satisfying, that’s what I’m getting at).

…I think that should do it. Hopefully I’ve persuaded you to watch The Killing. If not…well, I tried my best. I don’t give out 9.5/10 ratings to just anything, you know?


Anyway, I should probably wrap this up before I start putting everything in capital letters.  Let me know if you do watch no, and what you think about it. I’d love to hear back from you.



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