Trivium Concert!

Hi, Vanna here

I just wanted to give a quick review/summary of my experience last Saturday at the Trivium concert in Minneapolis.


Flying out to Boise tomorrow to get this bad boy started!, on Instagram

The venue was a perfect size, so every person had a close view of the bands playing. Brittny (my cousin / best friend / roommate / fellow Trivium lover) and I were lucky enough (well, luck had nothing to do with it. We worked hard to squrim up) to be in the front row, right next to the stage! Inches away from the band members’ feet!

There were three bands before Trivium: Sylosis, After the Burial, and Devil Driver.  All three had incredible live performances, and although Britt and I had not listened to their music prior to the concert, we found it very easy, and very tempting, to become instant fans. We jammed and rocked and jumped so hard to the first three bands that by the time Trivium came on stage (they were last), we were completely exhausted. For anybody who has not been to a heavy metal concert, it is a lot of exercise; we were soaked head to toe in sweat by the end of the show… like hair completely wet (I have never been so hot and exhausted in my entire life!). We sadly had very little energy left to hardcore jam to Trivium; we have learned for next time to sit out the other bands and save our energy for our favorite group.

We were fortunate enough to avoid all mosh pits, although we did have some uncomfortable brush ins with the outer regions of a few.

We, of course, stocked up on merchandise. We both purchased a tshirt with the album cover and tour dates and a sweatshirt with the same design.

Album cover

Their new album comes out October 15th! Don’t worry, I’ve already pre-ordered it a few months ago.
I recommend to anyone who enjoys metal to check them out if you haven’t already. They were my first metal band love. And they are extremely attractive:

Paolo, on the far right, is my favorite. Even more gorgeous in person. AND HE HAS A CAT!
As shown here off of his instagram. If you click on the photo, it will take you to his instagram page so you can stalk him like I do!

Here is one of my favorite songs of Trivium’s (from their lighter, and most recent, album “In Waves”) for you new people to check out!

(did I mention that Paolo is attractive? be sure to notice in the video… oh and here is his website:

I saw them four years ago and thought it was absolutely incredible – but this concert topped that. At the end, Britt caught a guitar pick and I managed to get a drum stick! It made a great night even better! It was definitely one of the best nights of my life (the only thing that would have made it better is if Alex could have been there with me. He loves them as much as I do). If I could afford it, I would become a groupie and follow them on tour. I never grow tired of their music… or their faces.

Not creepy at all, right?



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