Keep Calm And Smile (HA!)

So, tomorrow is the day of the interview and I’m feeling even more nervous than I was before. One part of me is like yeah, you can do this! but the rest is more questioning…hmm, but can you?


Definitely a mixed bag at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be in a better mindset tomorrow morning. Ultimately, I just have to ignore the doubts…relax, keep calm, and do my best. Don’t worry too much about what happens, and learn from the experience/enjoy the day, regardless of the result. If I get it, great, if I don’t, well I gave it a good go.

Hmm, well that’s easier said than done. I might just panic and stress about it instead. Who knows?

Thinking positively, even though I’m not mentally ready, I am at least practically prepared for the interview. I know where I’m going (Newcastle), I know when I need to be there (10), what I need to bring with me (passport, a good attitude), and how I’m going to get there and back (the train! Woo, during peak time, how fun!). Everything is sorted on that front, so hopefully there won’t be any last-minute panic moments. I’m planning on going to bed sometime close to midnight too, as yawning throughout the interview probably won’t do me any favours.

I also have my outfit sorted for tomorrow. I’m mostly wearing black, but I’ve ironed the pink shirt I wore for my anniversary to offer a bit of colour. I’ve had good experiences in it so far, so maybe it’ll help put me at ease tomorrow (if I stress out, I can think of that wonderful night on the cruise ship). And even if it isn’t a lucky shirt, it is at least smart, which is just as important. The email I received about the interview emphasized how important it was to make a good first impression, so hopefully my outfit will convey all the right things (smart, presentable, a guy you can trust to help out your customers…those kind of things).

Of course, I decided not to shave or cut my hair, so the smartness of my clothes might not matter. I did think about it, but ultimately I left it too late. It’s not scraggly though, so at least they’re not going to confuse me with a hobo. I could rush around and try to fix it, but why bother? At this stage, all I can do is smile, be positive, and subtly indicate that I would be willing to visit a hairdressers if they felt it was necessary (maybe I could write it on a piece of paper and slip it into their pocket at the end of the interview?).  I’m hoping that should do it.

Right, I guess I will leave it at that. I will let you know tomorrow how I get on.

Wish me luck!


This level of calm would be good. Just without the beer.



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