Under The Dome (Again), Clash Of Heroes, St Jude And…Biting Spiders

Apologies for it being so quiet on the blog last week. Everything has been fine, but rather uneventful. Mostly I’ve just been killing time until my trips away. I feel it is important to see my friends, especially during this stretch without Vanna. It’s been over three months since we were last together, you know. It feels like much longer. BUT the misery (I’ve not been wallowing in despair exactly, but it is fair to say it isn’t the same without her) of being apart should finally change in December; our Christmas plans are still on, and I hope to buy the tickets shortly. All very exciting. I’ll let you know the good news once it’s confirmed (I’m thinking tomorrow, but we’ll see!).

In the meantime, here’s what has been on my mind this week.

Under The Dome:

The weekend before last, I decided to read Under The Dome for the second time. it was sitting on my desk so I thought why not? and picked it up again. It is my favourite book after all. I’m about three-quarters of the way through, and I have to say I’m enjoying it even more this time around. Not only because I’m seeing it all with a different understanding (as with most things, you pick up more once you already know the main plot), but also because I have a new-found appreciation of the novel, mostly thanks to the television series that it is far superior to (unfortunately, I keep imagining the actors from the show as the characters instead of the figments I created; okay with Barbie, as both versions are similar, but not so great with everyone else).

Now, I’m not using this post as another way to take digs at Under The Dome. It isn’t a bad show. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t continue to watch it (contrary to popular belief, I’m not that sad). In reality, I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, so using the book to criticize the show wouldn’t be right. Fact is, it has distanced itself so much from the novel, I can’t compare them. Except for the basis premise (the dome) it’s completely different. In some ways for the better; the new character that has just been introduced (a woman called Maxine, who is not in the book in any way shape or form) has spiced up the story considerably, and added a new dimension to proceedings. So yeah, it’s not all bad.

HOWEVER, there is one thing that is bugging me. I’m going to be rather vague in my explanation, because I’m not entirely sure what I’m talking about. I know that doesn’t usually stop me, but in this case I’m rather annoyed to be vague. I know there is a term for what the writers are doing but I cannot remember it, so all I can do is blather around and hope you understand.


Essentially, my problem is that Under The Dome has a tendency to move the plot on in an improper way. Like they will use one scene to jump forward without really explaining the series of events. Or…ugh, this isn’t working. I’ll give you an example.

Two teenagers are trying to understand how the dome works. Out of nowhere, one of them says ‘the dome is like an atom, so the nucleus must be in the centre.’ This then leads to them going to the middle of the town, where they find something.

Now, I can’t remember the dialogue exactly, but that was about it. There was no ‘what if?’ at the front, or ‘I’ve been thinking…say if the dome is like an atom blah blah blah.’ He simply stated it was like an atom without any evidence to prove his theory. There was no sign or prompt whatsoever to lead us to this conclusion either. He stared at the dome for a second, and then had this revelation. No doubt about it at all. We’re just supposed to go along with it.

To me, that’s lazy writing. If he’d just suggested it as a possible theory (like he does in the book), then I’d have been all aboard; I would have thought the same. Or if they wanted a visual suggestion, he could have read a science book, or saw a picture beforehand. But for him to say it with such conviction for no reason whatsoever was dumb.

Does anybody know what the term is for this? I’m convinced there is one. Someone please comment and put me out of my misery because it’ll bug me for days.

Anyway, Under The Dome is a decent show that I enjoy watching, but I do get annoyed by…whatever it is that I’ve just talked about.

Clash Of Heroes:

I appreciate the word count is shooting up, so I’m just going to briefly mention this little arcade game and move on.

Clash Of Heroes is so much fun!


…I’ll do a better review when I complete it. But if you’ve wondered why I haven’t talked about Fallout 3 like I said I would (you probably haven’t given it a thought, but I like to assume you have)…Clash Of Heroes is to blame.

Storm of the Century (so far!):

A bit concerned for my trip on Friday, and not just because of the long train journey. This week the UK has been struck by a ferocious storm. St Jude (yes, that’s what we call our storms, Americans) is doing something somewhere south (we Up North are golden), and the country is in panic about it. I’m not worried about the storm itself (Ooh, it’s a bit windy today!), but I am worried about the consequences. You see, we Brits cannot deal with bad weather. A bit of snow and the country shuts down. I dread to think of the problems I might face after a storm. Delayed or cancelled trains are the main fear, and I cannot be bothered with that nonsense. Six hours on a train is bad enough without adding several more hours sitting around because there is a branch on the tracks. So finish your attack soon, St Jude. I don’t want to be affected by your damage. Cheers.


Another thing in the news is the outbreak (re; a few more than usual) of False Widow Spiders. Though not fatal, the spiders have a nasty bite, and if you’re unlucky, can cause severe reactions to your systems (read the linked article for the details. Of course, the fact that the spiders are growing in number in Britain (or suspected to), and pose a mild risk to some people, is enough to create a sudden nationwide panic because THE SPIDERS ARE EVERYWHERE PEOPLE, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! ARRRRGH!


Normally, the rise of the spiders wouldn’t be a problem for me as Up North we are perfectly safe. But later this week I’m heading South…into their territory. Though Abbie has yet to see one, I’m told the house I’m staying at does have a slight spider problem…


So, people, if you don’t hear from me next week, I probably have a good excuse. The spiders have me.

But hey, it might not be too bad. Maybe I’ll get superpowers from it. Hmm…


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