Is It Christmas Yet?

Wonderful news, everybody! Today I bought Vanna’s plane tickets for her to come see me at Christmas AND, if that wasn’t good enough, I also have my plane tickets to go see her next year! We’re both very, very, very, very, very excited and cannot wait until the 19th December, which is when Vanna’s plan arrives at Newcastle airport and I get to see her beautiful face again! I’ve even set up a new countdown on the blog to commemorate! 51 days to go!

Here are the details of our flights:

Vanna to the UK:

Vanna leaves Minneapolis at 5:15pm on Wednesday 18th December, which gives her plenty of time to get down to the cities. She’ll arrive at Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport; better her than me) sometime around 8:35am the next day (19th). After an hour and forty minutes (which isn’t bad for a layover) she’ll be on another flight to Newcastle Airport. She should land at 11:05am, and hopefully it won’t take too long for her to get through customs (though I won’t hold my breath).

We’ll then have just shy of four weeks in the UK together until…

Vanna and I head to America:

Yes, we’re getting the same flight which will make things a lot easier. Not only will we have company during the layover and on the plane, it will hopefully quicken my inevitable stop at US Customs, as I’ll be able to point to Vanna and say ‘look she’ll vouch for me!’ Failing that, at least she will know where I am. Instead of waiting somewhere, not knowing whether I’ve landed or not (I could be turned away and she’d only find out when I was at home to message her), she can sit with me while a burly man (or woman) goes through my luggage. Much better.

Anyway, we leave Newcastle on Tuesday 14th January, at a very early time of 5.55am (sorry dad and Sue!). We have a two-hour layover in Amsterdam, from 8:10am to 10:20am, when we will then be heading across the ocean to Minneapolis. We haven’t been able to pick seats together (the site I used for my tickets unfortunately did not offer me that option) but hopefully someone will switch with us. Vanna has an aisle seat which leaves us with a good bargaining position (everybody wants an aisle seat). And even if we don’t get to sit next to each other, we’ll make it work (I watch films for the entire flight…it’s the layovers and general waiting where it’ll be good to have company).

We arrive in Minneapolis at 12:30pm on the same Tuesday, and then I’ll have 90 glorious days (which includes my birthday, her birthday and Valentine’s day) with my lovely fiance before I have to head back home.

My Return Home:

Not really the best part of this adventure, but at least it shouldn’t be too bad a flight. I leave Minneapolis at 7:25pm on Sunday 13th April, and arrive in Amsterdam (I paid £5 more to avoid a layover in France…money well spent I reckon) next morning at 10:40am. I’m there for another hour or so until 12:15pm and my flight back to Newcastle, where I should arrive at 12:35pm. A more convenient time to be picked up, which is something.


And that’s that. Nearly everything is sorted. All I need now is my travel insurance and ESTA and I’m ready to go. As for Vanna, she’s just waiting for that flight. A month and a bit to go!

Right, I’m off to celebrate. No alcohol, but there’s some Halloween sweets in the hallway. They’re for the trick or treaters but…I won’t tell if you don’t.



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