Sierra’s New House!

Yesterday I went to Sierra’s new house and took some pictures for everybody to see 🙂
Its a very old house, built in the 1920s; as you may know, I have an obsession with old/forgotten/abandoned/under-appreciated things…like this house… and is the coolest house I’ve ever been in!
It has loads of secret doors and cupboards! and the bathroom storage is incredible! AND its on a farm! what more could you want??
Needless to say, I am really excited about this. I wish I would have found it first so I could have it instead. I just love it so effing much!


The front of the house (and Sierra filling the heating fuel thingy)


View from the driveway


The awesome looking garage!
Inside of the garage; it also has a giant loft but it was too dark and scary up there for me to go take pictures…needed more daylight


The barn
The barn again


Marley accompanied me during my journey (covered in pen ink smudges…toddlers.)


Awesome shed that is perfect for a playhouse for Marley!


bathroom (the house is messy because they are still moving in – nothing is out of boxes yet etc.)


boatload of storage space in the bathroom (that door is a closet for the bathroom)


Built in hutch…so pretty!


Awesome doors (again, that chair doesn’t go there…they’re still moving in)




Secret door in Marley’s closet…one of many in the house. COOLEST THING EVER


again, coolest thing ever!


Upstairs is all one open area and then a room (Marley’s) Notice another secret door closet thing!


Almost forgot to show their outdoor grill thingy


I’ll show more pictures of the inside once they have everything moved in and ready 🙂

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