Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody. If you’ve got plans, have a great time! If you are like me and don’t intend on leaving the house, well uh, enjoy the rest of your Thursday. I can’t say I’m a big Halloween fan (I think I’ve only gone trick or treating twice) but I’m not one of these people who hates it either. Perhaps when I get to America, where it’s really originated from, I’ll be more festive. For now though, I’m feeling a bit ill (low blood sugar I think…maybe I should go trick or treating!) and just want to spend the night doing nothing. I have to be up early tomorrow so it’s probably for the best I don’t have plans. Urgh. 6am is not a fun time.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter too much because I have more good news! Following on from Tuesday’s purchase of our plane tickets, today Vanna and I received confirmation that our Fiancee Visa application has been accepted! We don’t know what this means exactly (hopefully Vanna will have the details soon) but it bring me one step closer to moving permanently to America. So far so good, and we’re both very happy about that.

In addition, I also took my preparations for this winter up a level with the purchase of a winter coat (thanks Sue!). I tried on about four or five, but there was only one that I really liked, nay loved. Super warm, thick hood, lots of pockets, an inner sleeve thing (stop snow going down your arm!) and it goes well past my waist. Perfect.

Sorry for the poor quality. I took a couple with my webcam, and by the time I realized they were awful, it was too dark for my camera.



So I’m confident that I’ll be prepared for the winter. Even Vanna, who is usually quite picky when it comes to things like this, was impressed with my choice. I can’t wait to try it out!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get an opportunity any time soon as the weather here is mild…and that coat isn’t really suited to mild. Mild is not enough for that coat. So looks like I’ll be wearing my boring jacket to Canterbury. Damn.

Speaking of Canterbury, this will probably be my last post until Monday (providing the spiders don’t get me) evening. I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures though, and I’ll let you know how it goes when I’m back. I’d get Vanna to post something this weekend but she’s away too…shocking isn’t it?

Right, that’s about it from me. Speak to you later.



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