Work Done, Now I Wait…

Today I’m blogging on my old laptop, and already I’m finding the whole process infuriating. With its clunky keyboard, awful operating system, 30 second battery and almost completely detached screen (and I don’t mean like one of those fancy Windows tablets…), it hasn’t taken long for me to remember why I bought my new laptop last October. But this clunky thing is my only option as my nice HP (the one with the good keyboard, okay battery, okay operating system and fully attached screen) is away to be repaired. And it could be gone for up to two weeks, meaning I might be stuck with this one for a while yet.


What happened to my HP? Well I don’t really know. I went to Canterbury and it was working fine. I came back and suddenly the fan was acting up. It’s loud usually, but now it is loud enough to drown out my music. Kinda vibrates at the same time, which is, uh, not great. To begin with it was sporadic, but in the past week or so it’s become more and more frequent. I assumed this to be a bad thing, so I stopped using it (hence why I didn’t post this weekend) until I was able to call the tech guys (their official name). You know, in case it exploded or something.

Anyway, I finally got round the call earlier and dropped off my laptop at the store. Looks like it is an easy fix (something to do with the bearings) but I still have to wait until the 2nd of December to get it back…hopefully they have just given that date to cover their backs. If not, I have a long wait ahead…

Moving on to a cheerier note, and I’ve finished work! The Lumiere Festival is over, and there are no more 10 hour shifts in the cold for me. I didn’t mind the job that much really, but I’m glad to see the back of that flourescent jacket…

Last time you’ll see this picture, so enjoy it.

Now, it was a mostly uneventful four days, so I’ll try to sum up each day as briefly as I can. That way you’ll get an idea of what I was up to (hint: not a lot). I’ll start with…


Already talked about Thursday, but with hindsight it was probably one of the better days. The only time we had any real incident, and the busiest day for cars. Not many people asking for help, but we did get some angry reactions, so that was something. Coldest day, but I was mostly all right.


Ugh, the worst day I’d say. Barely any cars, and barely any people wanting my assistance. More than Thursday, but still not much. Oliver and I didn’t talk a great deal either, so there wasn’t much of an escape from the hours of tedium. Cold, silence and shoulder/neck pain. And my teeth hurt.


Busiest day, so it was the best day. Not many cars but lots of people asking for Lumiere details, bus times, location of the train and bus stations, toilets etc etc. At one point I had 8 people and a car in thirty minutes, which was by far the most exciting half an hour on the job. Quite enjoyed helping people, but still a lot of standing around.

Oh, but I did get a free sausage roll. That made it a lot better.


Except for a two hour period, Sunday was dead. No cars, no people. Just rain. Cold, incessant rain. And I was on my own for the most part, or at least it felt like it. But it was the last day, so it wasn’t as awful as Friday.


And that’s that. Not the most exciting experience, but it is money and something I can put on my C.V. I’ve now worked in a customer service role (sort of) which is good. And next week I get my money! So there we go.

Right, I’m off to relax. It’s rather strange having the evening in…I’ve suddenly got an extra nine hours to my day. What should I do with all this time?

Hmm. Xbox, I suppose.

…See you later.




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