Thirty Days!

To celebrate the fact that in 30 days Vanna will be in the UK with me, I thought I would list thirty reasons why I’m excited to see her. Not every reason, of course, but a selection of what I’m looking forward to when Vanna is here. What else can I say? It’s just a nice little way for me to get in the mood for Christmas.

So, in no particular order, I’ll list my reasons off with a small explanation (if necessary) as to why they’re included. Starting with…

  1. Seeing Vanna again after five months apart. I don’t think I need to explain that one.
  2. Crumpets! Vanna has never tried this delicacy…I’m determined to change that this Christmas.
  3. Winter is the most romantic time of the year.  Christmas isn’t much fun when you’re on your own. Certainly a family time.
  4. Going for walks. I’m one of those people who likes walking, but not on my own. I end up striding around because I feel I need to have a purpose. With Vanna, I can just amble around, stretch the legs and enjoy the cold (but not freezing) winter air.
  5. TV becomes fun. I’m not a big television person, but Vanna really likes our shows. I can happily watch something like Come Dine With Me for hours when I’m with her. It’s just one of our things.
  6. Snuggling. Who doesn’t like snuggling?
  7. Buying Vanna an engagement/wedding ring. It’s been a long time coming, but hopefully we’ll find the perfect ring this Christmas. She’s gone without one for far too long.
  8. Vanna meeting my family. Especially around Christmas, it’ll be a nice time.
  9. Writing boost. Been struggling to write my novel lately, and a lot of that is down to my situation. Being with Vanna will help tremendously.
  10. Sorting my stuff out. I have drawers of junk, and clothes that need binning. I can’t be bothered to do it, but Vanna is quite keen. Job done.
  11. Day trips. Vanna wants to go to London, I’m not so sure. We’ll figure out something though.
  12. Company. Yeah, just not being alone is nice…
  13. Cinema! Not really something I can do alone. Vanna wants to watch the second Hobbit film, I’m thinking Anchorman 2 (if it is out then).
  14. Christmas pudding. Another thing Vanna hasn’t tried. I don’t think she’ll like it though.
  15. Someone to play games with. Yes, I’m lots of fun, I know.
  16. Another chance to persuade Vanna to Xbox. She’ll learn to love it.
  17. Packing. Vanna loves packing clothes, and she’s really good at it. Again, job done.
  18. Someone to watch the football with. My dad doesn’t like watching games on the computer, so Vanna can instead.
  19. Keep me from boredom.
  20. Clean my room.
  21. Take care of me. I notice that the last three have a certain…theme to them. Well, she doesn’t mind.
  22. Presents!  I’m hoping for a certain something, but we’ll see.
  23. Someone to tease. In case she can’t entertain me, I’ll entertain myself by ribbing Vanna over something. Again, she doesn’t mind…
  24. Trying something new. I was told ice skating, but I’m hoping there is something else we can experience that won’t involve me falling over a lot. Failing that, there is the panto.
  25. Helping me to be healthier. Vanna’s been into organic foods recently, and I could do with cutting out some foods.
  26. New Years Eve. Problem we have is where to go. Newcastle would be good, but Durham would be cheap. It’s a tough one. Still, we’ll do something more exciting than sitting in the house like we did last year.
  27. The Pub. There’s a really cool pub in Durham that I want to take Vanna to, so that’s definitely something on the list.
  28. Vanna has to listen to me. She can tell me to shut up, but because I’m not bound by the usual social convention, I can continue talking anyway. So there!
  29. No Skype. Skype creates the foundation of our online relationship, and I really don’t like it. Being together in person thankfully cuts out the blurry, constantly disconnecting middle man…and I can’t wait.
  30. Vanna gets my cultural references. So often the person I’m talking to fails to understand what I’m referring to. Vanna just gets me, man.

And there we have it. No doubt Vanna will be annoyed I’ve missed something out, but that’s what I came up with. Maybe I’ll do another 20 in ten days, and then 10 in twenty days. Might be pushing it though. I love her, but sixty reasons? Hmm, I don’t love her that much.

Heh…I wonder how much trouble that will get me in.



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