Well That Didn’t Last Long…

I was happy for thirty minutes. Then everything went wrong, and I was angry, disappointed, fed up. Why? Because my laptop, which I’ve waited two long, long weeks to be fixed, now needs to go back to the repair company because they didn’t do a very good job first time around. So I had my laptop ‘working’ for less than an hour. Tomorrow I’ll have to start my day with a trip to the shop. Fantastic.


Everything had looked so good. I picked it up at 3pm this afternoon, got home and took off the packaging they sent in. No scratches or damage, which I had worried about (people can be careless). It even booted up instantly, in stark contrast to this piece of, uh, dung. And the fan didn’t whir obnoxiously! They fixed it!

…Oh wait. Error message. Cooling fan not working. Risk of system damage, or memory loss if I proceed. I press continue anyway, hoping it was just a one off caused by an unfamiliarity to the new fan they put in. After they repaired it they did a system check, so if there was a problem, it would have flagged up then. No, this must just be a mistake. I’ll restart it.

…message comes up again. Ugh. Maybe it isn’t a mistake. I get my phone and call the very helpful and friendly guy in Yorkshire (the only positive to this entire business was how sincere he sounded when he told me the bad news…it’s a small thing, but it does help. Knowhow may not know how, but at least their call centre guys do). I explain the problem, he checks a few things, and then tells me the bad news. The repair people didn’t replace my fan, oh no. They just cleaned the broken one, and thought that would be enough. Obviously it wasn’t, as there is something else stopping it from working. Consequently I’ll have to book another appointment with the store, and send it away again. Isn’t that wonderful?

At this point, I was obviously less than pleased to learn I’ll have to continue using this Vista riddled laptop. The guy apologized for the inconvenience, but even his seemingly genuine disappointment at the situation did little to ease my irritation. I dutifully listened to his explanation of what needs to happen next (I had heard it only two weeks ago, after all) when he told me that, if they don’t fix the problem in 21 days (which includes the two weeks they’ve already had), I can write it off and request a new laptop. I’m not sure if I want to go through the hassle of doing that, but at least I have a plan B with my insurance (expensive, but glad I got it now). Maybe I can get a blue laptop next time to match Chelsea’s colours.


Still, it’s a huge pain to go through. I didn’t think an overheating fan would cause so much trouble. Ridiculous. I’m sick of using this laptop. I was hoping getting mine back would kick-start my writing, but evidently not. And I wanted to buy some music, but I guess that’ll have to wait as well.


And I haven’t even gotten to the worst bit yet; you guys won’t be able to see my unshaven face! I was planning on taking a happy (not that I was happy during the shaving; that, dear friends, was torturous) screenshot with my good laptop’s webcam (the webcam on this laptop is broken) but I can’t do that now. You’ll have to wait until I can take a picture using my camera, which will be tomorrow at the earliest!

What a truly disappointing day for us all.




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